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Canon cameras coming to CP+ Show, 2018

Canon skipped CES with no announcement but CP+ show is to be held next Month. So there is a big probability that Canon has something big to be announced next month.

Before we start one big disappointment is that “Canon 7D Mark III is not coming to CP+” rather it could be announced prior to Photokina 2018. Well, if not there is 7D Mark III then there must be some other stuffs we are expecting to see prior to CP+ show. Let’s check what those are:

Canon EOS M50

Canon EOS M50 was passed through certification in November, 2017. Canon EOS Kiss M / EOS M50, which is most probably the Trim-out version of EOS M5. According to the rumors, which are in stock upto now that the price could be somewhere between Canon EOS M5 and EOS M100.

Canon 90D

Canon 90D would be the successor to Canon 80D. Perhaps Canon 90D is not in head of many photographers in the current time since Canon 80D is doing quite well. But Canon could bring the update to Canon 80D anytime soon, however, no specifications and scheduled time for Canon 90D available on the web. Read Our Expectations with Canon 90D.

Could we see Canon 80D at CP+ show?

Canon T7/1400D OR 2000D

Rumor says that there could be an entry-level rebel camera coming to CP+ show and we think Canon T7/1400D (Registered as 2000D) must be the favorite camera. However, no huge information we have now about this Canon 1400D camera but you should know that the camera has already been registered at the certification agency.

Canon 1400D / T7- Our Expectation

Canon G7X Mark III

From the beginning it has been saying that the powershot G-Series cameras including Canon G5X Mark II and Canon G7X Mark III could be announced in the Q1 of 2018. And CP+, which is going to be started in March 1, 2018. However, one of these two cameras is speculated to be announced at CP+. Most probably Canon G7X Mark III.

There is no speculation the exact lens coming to CP+ show, but we’ll will get much more information as we get closer to CP+ show.

Hold you fingers crossed!

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Canon 7D Mark III is overlooked even in CP+ show?

When we turned the pages back on the web, we see Canon 7D Mark III is inevitably one of the most anticipated cameras is due for an announcement. An update to more than three years old camera (Canon 7D Mark II announced back in Sep, 2014) in which gallons of rumors have been tossed up but eventually all got squandered. Canon skipped back to back two years: 2016 and 2017. Most of us were anxious for announcement in March 2018, but the recent rumor pumped up the information and

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Nikon Mirrorless Will have Z-Mount

If we believe latest rumors then Nikon upcoming Mirrorless camera will have Z mount. And 16mm flange distance according to the rumor published at the Nikonrumor website.

If we look at some of our previous reports then Nikon is rumored to debut APS-C Mirrorless system based cameras in Q2 of 2018 and Finally the Fullframe Mirrorless camera will arrive during the photokina event 2018. So,

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Nikon announced Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 180-400mm f/4E TC1.4 FL ED VR Telephoto zoom lens

Nikon announced its massive and most anticipated Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 180-400mm f/4E TC1.4 FL ED VR super-telephoto zoom lens. The lens is mainly designed for sports and wildlife photography. The versatile Super Telephoto zoom lens offers an extended wide range of 180-400mm and a constant f/4 aperture to easily isolate a subject from the sidelines, even in challenging light. You should

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Best Tripods for Panasonic GH5s

Panasonic GH5s may be an excellent tool for the filmmakers but its great nag is the elimination of vibration reduction mechanism. Unlike GH5, it hasn’t 5-axis I.S so the owners of this camera has to buy a tripod or a lens with Optical Image Stabilization externally to utilize best of its. So a tripod is very handy in those situation and

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Best Memory cards for Panasonic GH5s

32 GB and even 64 GB aren’t looked suitable as the storage devices for Panasonic GH5s because the camera has the insane capability to record 4K (4096 x 2160P@60fps) without any time limit and even Full HD @240fps. So to store the large files one needs to have large storage device. Here are some of the best memory cards we are

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Panasonic GH5s vs Canon 80D

Dual Pixel AF sensor inside Canon 80D makes it very strong DSLR for the video purpose. Also, the APS-C sensor with standard resolution, making the camera inevitably suitable for the still shooters. But Panasonic GH5s is indisputably one of the best mirrorless cameras that offers the excellent video format than any other consumer camera currently available in the market. Moreover, GH5s

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Panasonic GH5s vs Sony A6500

Both of these two cameras are Mirrorless. One is MFT (Panasonic GH5s) and other is APS-C featured camera (Sony A6500). Though one is excellent in video and other is marvelous in still photography. Though Panasonic incorporated a dedicated AF hardware inside the core but A6500 comes with something outstanding AF performance. Give a look at the camera’s neck and neck comparison

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Panasonic GH5s vs Nikon D500

Panasonic GH5s vs Nikon D500 – A very interesting comparison ahead! Though, Panasonic GH5s is dedicated lowlight camera, but D500 has maximum ISO range of 1640000, comparatively larger than GH5s. If you just take a look to the table below you can clearly see that Nikon D500 fights rigorously, but somewhere the AF system and video capability of GH5s does some

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Panasonic GH5s vs Canon 5D Mark IV

Panasonic GH5s vs Canon 5D Mark IV – Panasonic GH5s is an 4K enhanced camera and also is dedicated lowlight camera. On the other hand, Canon 5D Mark IV is an all-rounder camera that can take sharp stills and has dedicated dual pixel AF sensor inside. Panasonic GH5s, meanwhile, gently surpassing 5D Mark IV in other section, such as in burst speed, ISO range,

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