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Fuji X100 F announced with Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder and AF joystick

Fuji X-100F

Fuji X-100F

Cheers up with delighted! Fuji X-100F was announced with master class specifications, such as a unique Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder, 24.3MP X-Trans CMOS III APS-C image sensor, high-speed image processing engine etc. The AF performance will be blazing fast that is able to lock-down the subjects in only 0.08 sec. On the other hand, its predecessor X-100T has 49 points, but this new camera offers you distinctive AF points of 91 points, with approximately 40% of the imaging area covered with phase detection to form a fast and precise AF area that can be used in a variety of scenes. Plus, the Focus Lever positioned on the rear side of the camera allows users to use joystick-type operations in eight directions to easily select a focus areaFor lowlight shooting, Fuji X100F offers you an expandable ISO range of 51200. However, Fuji users must not be happy with the decision of Fuji for offering Full-HD video (They should offer 4K video).

Fuji X100F will be available in February, 2017 for list price USD $1,299.95 only.

Press release:


X100F features improved Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder and the latest 24.3MP sensor and processor

Valhalla, N.Y., January 19, 2017 FUJIFILM North America Corporation today announced the FUJIFILM X100F, the new premium rangefinder style compact digital camera featuring a unique Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder that allows users to switch between an optical viewfinder and electronic viewfinder. The new X100F is the fourth generation release from the series that introduced the first hybrid viewfinder camera for ultimate flexibility, style and premium image quality.

Featuring the latest 24.3MP X-Trans CMOS III APS-C image sensor, high-speed image processing engine and a high-performance FUJINON 23mm F2 lens, the X100F delivers outstanding color reproduction and gradation of tones in both stills and videos, while providing photographers with increased mobility and an unsurpassed user experience.

Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder with Quick Response and Enhanced AF Performance

The FUJIFILM X100F uses an Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder that combines the features of an Optical Viewfinder (OVF) with an Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) for enhanced performance and convenience. While in Electronic Rangefinder mode, users can now change the magnification, shown as EVF in the optical viewfinder, for greater accuracy when checking focus. The small EVF window can display 100% field of view as well as 2.5x and 6x magnifications, and the EVF frame rate has been increased to 60 frames per second.

To provide users with perfect framing and focus while using the Manual Focus mode, the Real Time Parallax Correction function is applied to the focus area in addition to the guide frame. Photographers can also now check exposure and white balance in the EVF window, making it the ultimate viewfinder while providing all the benefits of the EVF while shooting through the OVF.

The new X100F has enhanced AF performance with improvements to basic response time specifications to ensure the camera operates exactly as the photographer intends. Making it perfect for quick snapshots, the X100F has a startup time of approximately 0.5 seconds, a shooting interval of 0.2 seconds, shutter release time lag of 0.01 seconds and AF speeds as fast as 0.08 seconds. The X100F gives users six AF modes including Single Point mode, Zone mode and Wide/Tracking mode for both AF-S for stationary subjects and AF-C for moving subjects.

The number of focus points in the X100F has been dramatically increased to 91 (up to 325 points), up from 49 in previous models, with approximately 40% of the imaging area covered with phase detection to form a fast and precise AF area that can be used in a variety of scenes. By combining these features with a greater ability to autofocus on points of light and low contrast objects, the X100F captures beautiful detail in pictures with fine and delicate textures, helping to reproduce images just as photographers remember.

New ACROS Film Simulation

The Film Simulation function now features ACROS mode for even more artistic photos. Using X-Processor Pro’s advanced processing capability, the mode offers smooth gradation, deep blacks and beautiful textures to create stunning monochrome images. The X100F also features the Grain Effect function for reproducing distinctive graininess seen in photographs taken with film cameras. The function is available in a Strong and Weak setting, and can be combined with any of the Film Simulation modes. Photographers can now easily achieve the creative effect of film-based photos, notable especially when the image is printed out.

Sophisticated Camera Body with Intuitive Control and Superb Feel

To provide photographers with an extraordinary experience, the rear face of the FUJIFILM X100F has been redesigned to concentrate most of the frequently used functions on the right-hand side. This allows users to change camera settings quickly while holding the camera firmly and without having to take an eye off the viewfinder.

The Focus Lever positioned on the rear side of the camera allows users to use joystick-type operations in eight directions to easily select a focus area. The X100F also now features a built-in ISO Dial that is incorporated into the Shutter Speed Dial for further ease of use. This enables the user to easily check ISO and Shutter Speed, in addition to aperture and exposure compensation, from a glance without having to power on the camera. There is also a also features a Focus Lever on the rear of the camera body that to instantly move the focus area, and a completely silent electronic shutter capable of exposures up to 1/32000 seconds. The external surface of the X100F is finished with synthetic leather that provides high durability and excellent resistance to the elements while providing photographers with the benefit of slip resistance and a comfortable hold.

FUJIFILM X100F Key Features:

  • 24.3MP APS-C size X-Trans CMOS III sensor
  • Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder (OVF / EVF) equipped with an Electronic Rangefinder
    • Intelligent Hybrid AF in 0.08 seconds
    • Fast start-up time of 0.5 seconds
    • Shutter time lag of 0.01 seconds
    • Shooting interval of 0.2 seconds
  • FUJINON 23mm (35mm in 35mm format Equivalent) F2 lens in 8 glass elements in 6 groups with FUJINON’s proprietary HT-EBC coating
  • ND filter equivalent to 3 stops of aperture
  • High-definition 1.04M-dot 3” LCD
  • NEW ‘ACROS’ film simulation mode
  • Focus Peaking function and Digital Split Image display even in the OVF
  • Extended full HD Video Recording
  • Full HD video can be recorded at 59.94 fps, 50 fps, 29.97 fps, 25 fps, 24 fps and 23.98 fps, and with Film Simulation effects
  • Six AF Modes
    • Single Point, Zone and Wide/Tracking for both AF-S for stationary, and AF-C for moving subjects
  • Intelligent Hybrid AF: switches between Phase Detection AF and Contrast AF according to scene
  • Digital Teleconverter function
    • Choose angles of view equivalent to 50mm and 70mm in addition to built-in lens’ 35mm
  • Advanced Filter Functions
    • Pop Color, Toy Camera, Miniature, Dynamic Tone, Partial Color, Soft Focus, High Key and Low Key
  • Interval Timer Shooting: available in intervals of one second to 24 hours with no limit on frames, for time lapse photography
  • Manual focus available during video recording
  • Free FUJIFILM Camera Remote application and Wireless Communication function allows users to remotely shoot images from smartphones and tablets via WiFi
  • Photos can be sent to the INSTAX Share Printer using the free INSTAX Share App (iOS and Android) SHARE Smartphone Printer
  • Output for Stereo Microphone
  • Interval timer shooting (1 second to 24 hours up to 999 frames)

FUJIFILM X100F Accessories:

  • Leather Case LC-X100F: user can change the battery and media card while the case is attached to the camera.
  • Wide Conversion Lens WCL-X100 II: dedicated wide conversion lens that multiplies the fixed focal length by approximately 0.8x, converting it to 23mm (35mm format equivalent) for capturing broader views when shooting in tight spots or landscapes.
  • Tele-Conversion Lens TCL-X100 II: dedicated tele-conversion lens for narrowing the field of view by multiplying the fixed focal length by approximately 1.4x, converting it to 50mm (35mm format equivalent) for shooting portraits or close-up photography from as close as approximately 5.5in / 14cm.

Availability and Pricing

The new FUJIFILM X100F Digital Camera (Black and Silver) will be available in February 2017 in the U.S. and Canada for USD $1,299.95 and CAD $1,699.99.


Fuji X-T20 announced with massive 4K and 24MP resolution

Fuji X-T20

Fuji X-T20

And finally, the long awaited Fuji X-T20 interchangeable lens camera was officially announced with massive specifications that currently joins the most popular X-series digital camera line-up. The X-T10’s successor builds on new APS-C sized 24.3MP X-Trans CMOS III sensor and X-Processor Pro image processing engine, ensuring cutting edge sharp images. The X-T20 also implements an improved AF algorithm to track the subjects quickly and precisely. You should know that X-T20 is the

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Panasonic likely to announce a GH camera with 8K by 2020

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Nikon D5600 gives impressive results in DxoMark Lab

Nikon D5600

Nikon D5600

Probably, Nikon D5600 is the perfect choice for the entry-level shooters because it packs impressive specifications that all the users must appreciate it during the time they shoot in Different locations.

Nikon D5600 was officially announced on 24 November, 2016, but not in US. So finally, Nikon announced it in US in this very month of January at CES show on 5TH January. Now DXOMARK team tested it on their lab,

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Panasonic GH5 Specification Comparisons, Best lenses, Memory cards and more

Panasonic GH5

Panasonic GH5

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In this page, you will find its specifications comparisons with all its possible competitors available around then we also have put our efforts to help

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Best Lenses for Panasonic GH5

Panasonic GH5

Panasonic GH5

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Fuji X-T20 and X100F images leaked online…official announcement on 19th January


So far we know that Fuji X100F and X-T20 are the next major upcoming stuffs from Fuji that are to be announced on 19th January. Means just after a couple of days we can see the official announcement, but before that the images of these two cameras leaked online. Thanks to Nokishitacamera team who brought it into the light before the major announcement.

Rumored specifications of Fuji X100F until now:

24MP X-TransIII OVF/EVF Lever will have an

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Panasonic GH5 best Memory cards

Panasonic GH5

Panasonic GH5

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