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Canon SX60 replacement coming on April 6, 2017


According to Canonrumors we would probably see the replacement of PowerShot SX60 HS in the next week on April 6, 2017 in eastern North America, prior to NAB. But unluckily, we still don’t know what would be the model name of the upcoming camera that is finally going to replace the current and more than two years old, SX60 (probably SX70 HS). The other announcement will be Canon EF-S 35mm f/2.8 Macro IS STM lens.

But once again we have to tell you to extend your waiting for little more while because most awaited 6D Mark II (As we already told you) as well as Canon SL2 alongside new lenses are not coming at NAB.

Last that most of the 5D Mark IV users have already landed their eyes over the upcoming C-Log supports update will take place on April 20, 2017 in North America.

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Nikon D7300 to feature Nikon D500 Image Sensor


Most of us expected some positive thing about the long awaited, Nikon D7300, mainly about the resolution. We still expect that Nikon won’t rollback the resolution and hire the same 24.2MP DX-Format CMOS Sensor from its sibling, Nikon D7200. But the new rumor suggests that Nikon mayn’t borrow the resolution from its own sibling but from its acquaintance, Nikon D500, which means it could have 20MP sensor as Nikon

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Leica registered their new camera with code name 5370

Canon, Nikon, Sony and other camera and lens makers already registered the codes of their upcoming cameras in different agencies and now Lecia also involved in the club by registering a new camera with the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) under the code name 5370. According to all the rumors are revolving around it could be Leica TL based model with a built in Viewfinder.

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Sony FS5II E-Mount might be announced at NAB in April, 2017 – Rumor

Should we believe FS5II E-Mount Camcorder is coming very shortly and most probably at NAB in April? Because a reputed rumor mill slightly revealed that the update version of FS5 (FS5II) is coming with 4k @60p and Global shutter and there will also be a Sony 8K camcorder to hit the market . So far, this is the only information we have collected regarding the rumored 4K

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More information on upcoming firmware update for 5D Mark IV features C-log supports

Canon 5D Mark IV

Last time we told you that Canon will add the innovative C-log supports in 5D Mark IV via firmware update to maximize the sharpness and clarity in the video. But we were waiting for some confirmed information if it was going to be true or not? Now, once again a new rumor recently surfaced over the

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Best Canon wide angle lenses

Before we recommend you the best wide angle lens made by Canon we must explain “what is wide angle lens and its advantage in briefly. Actually, wide angle lens is the lens with very short focal length and you should know as shorter the focal length is, the wider is the field of view. Wide angle lenses are used by the Landscape photographers, Cityscapes, real estate photographers etc. When the value gets

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Update to the code names of not yet announced cameras

You may already have seen the leaked code names of the not yet announced cameras from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Fuji and Olympus in our websites. Now once again we are updating the list of upcoming cameras that have already been registered, but unfortunately, not announced yet. Most awaited cameras like Canon 6D Mark II and some

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Best Canon lenses to start with

Best Canon lenses to start with – You are in this article because you have recently bought a new Canon DSLR along with the kit lenses to begin or resume your photography to a new level. Alright, but the kit lenses are not actually suitable for all aspects of photography, so most of the photographers keep the kit lenses aside and search the best Canon lenses available around that add a

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No Canon 6D Mark II at NAB, 2017 !!!


21 April, 2017 could have been the jovial moment for all the photographers who have been waiting for highly anticipated, Canon 6D Mark II for long time, had not the new rumor created an abnormal twist over the announcement of 6D Mark II. Yes, hardly two days ago we told you that 6D Mark II is coming all the way on 21st April prior to NAB, but the new rumor recently surfaced online suggests that Canon have no camera to announce at NAB. And the most who are desperate to see 6D Mark

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Best Canon Macro Lenses

Canon 7D and 100mm F2.8 L Lens

Best Canon Macro Lenses : Suppose a Fairyfly (World’s smallest insect) is seating on a flower and you were asked to take an excellent shot of this Fairy fly then which Macro lens you would prefer first to snap it, unobtrusively. You may have some outstanding lenses in your arsenal and there are a few that

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