Why Sony is ignoring Sony A99 II camera?

It looks like Sony is intentionally ignoring the Sony A99 II update; maybe, they are waiting for the customers to shift automatically in the Sony FE mount cameras and lenses. Since, we see no reason for the delay of A99 II camera.


Update – Sony A99 II may arrive on Sept 2016

Earlier, many times Sony committed they are developing the A-Mount seriously but we haven’t seen any sign till now. By the way, Sony A99 is the camera released back in the year 2012, means within this long gap Sony has not shown any seriousness about its successor camera (Sony A99 II).

Sony is giant in the camera world and they have the advanced technologies as we saw in recently announced Sony A7R II and other A7 series camera, but they still kept the Sony A99 II camera out of announcement list and even the rumors are also blocked.

Give a dim look to this little comparison between Sony A99 and a7R II where you can atleast understand how much advanced the Sony A7R II than Sony A99.

Features / Models Sony A99 Sony A7R II
Megapixel 24.3 megapixels 42 MP
Sensor size / type Full frame (35.8 x 23.8 mm) Full frame (35.9 x 24 mm) BSI-CMOS
On Body IS Yes 5-axis (4.5 stops per CIPA standard)
Image processor Bionz Bionz X
AF points 102 AF points 399 AF points
AF Type Hybrid (Phase + Contrast) Hybrid (Phase + Contrast)
ISO 100 – 25600 Auto, 100-25600 (expands to 50-102400)
Shutter Min/Max 30 sec – 1/8000 sec 30 sec – 1/8000 sec
Top Continuous Shooting Speed 6 fps 5fps
Video 1920 x 1080 (60, 24 fps), 1440 x 1080 (30fps), 640 x 424 (29.97 fps) 4K Video & S-Log2 Gamma
Display Fully articulated 3″ TFT LCD with 1,229,000 Screen dots 3.0″ 1,228.8k-Dot Tilting LCD Monitor
Viewfinder High Resolution OLED display Electronic
Dimensions and Weight 147 x 111 x 78 mm 812 g 127 x 96 x 60 mm, 625 g
Battery life 500 290 shots

The photographers who invested a huge amount of cash in Sony Full Frame Alpha system camera and lenses will sure feel helpless at the moment.

Sony A99II Coming on September

Fairly speaking we have received lot of appreciation and criticism after writing this post but the best email was from a unknown sender who told us

Sony will update its flagship after every 4 years as Canon and Nikon do, wait till September for Next Pro Alpha camera.


We have told you – Sony A99 II Finally announced on September


Sony Finally announced its A99 II camera on September 2016


Take it with grain of salt since the source is unknown

Do share your thoughts with us…

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12 comments to Why Sony is ignoring Sony A99 II camera?

  • Darryl Edwards

    I’m feeling an impending abandonment with a high-end “bait and switch.”
    I do, however, remain hopeful.

  • Rob

    I am starting to look at Pentax K1

  • David Lain

    this the reason i have just sold all my Sony gear and bought Nikon.Can anyone afford to wait and then get stuck with a load of a mount equipment nobody wants. I love my Sony A99 but its gone bring on the Nikon D5

  • Totally agree. Sold my Sony gear to buy Nikon D5 and Lenses

  • Ronald

    when my beard touches the ground Sony will probably release the long awaited A99II but when that moment comes I have already switched to another brand although I love my old Minolta lenses …………

  • Neil

    It’s the best EVF camera on the market and the only EVF camera that has approaching a professional body. All the rest are essentially toys. Don’t know if Sony realise just how competitive the A99 really is. Let’s just hope that at some point they decide that the pro market is worth chasing. The A7 series is nice but just not there and that toy battery approach is poor. I was sceptical about the EVF approach but the A99 won me over and is still making money.

  • Joeri

    I have had the exact same thoughts on this as previous comments… Of Sony doesn’t release the a99 mark 2 I Will move to Nikon. The d750 Will fill the gap for me then.

  • Mad Maxxum

    Sony’s likely sticking to its four year schedule whether we like it or not. It gives them plenty of time to observe their competition’s models and then launch a model that will serve the needs of its full-frame a-mount community for another four years.

    September is the likely target date or its launch, probably before or after Photokina 2016. If it doesn’t arrive then I’ll likely drop the mount and move to a Nikon.

  • The problem are not more tho this very nice camera, but for begin the year 2012, there was talk already a year before the new models come on the market without specchie and without Low Pass Filter, such as the Nikon D800E!
    The sony we see that we worked long before in the field without a mirror!
    Because the Nikon or Canon still carry on the systems with the mirror, I honestly do not know, but I think a reason that more money should go with the different models that we have already built!
    Speaking about the Sony Alpha A99, I’ve used and I can tell you that it is a fantastic room especially with the Zeiss lenses with A-mount!
    I too have wondered why Sony did not bring forward more Sony A99, precisely because I think the world dovevaentrare on the market without a mirror, and if we think about it, Sony has been one of the first who opened a big gap in the history of the cameras of the full 24x36mm format without mirror and Low Pass Filter, precisely for maximum clarity and impact on the images!
    The era of the SLR and now out of fashion, and later you go, there will only be on the market all kinds of type cameras New Sony or who placed second, the Leica SL 606 typo!
    I think that before long will be for Canon and Nikon, and then we can do is be satisfied, because for all current lenses for Nikon or Canon we will be available to the adapter rings, as well as the Leica has done in his SL, and bringing in and life in a new form of function for its Fan room Adattator the R-R!
    The Sony A99 or A99 II, I do not think cos`importante for Sony to step back, because in fact no longer passes in its concept!
    I remember in the 1980s or a little more of a sudden the Canon stops producing the bayonet of his fabulous mechanical room the F-1 and brings a new room with a new bayonet, and all the objectives that were very good for the old F-1 could no longer use, and that Canon has done so for over 3-times change bayonet to his room remaining current one that today!
    Getting angry or not, they decide for us, and I think with what Sony has now Sony Alpha / series can tell you that is the only one on the market that has managed to put on and place themselves with an absolute system, and not so much the fact Leica giving the answer to Sony! It will be double or triple the price of the Sony Alpha 7R-II, but those who know the Leica and has already been used, the Leica is placed and solved all the holes that were left for the R system!
    I think the Sony A99II, will no longer be on the market but it comes to fare a place in museums or Sony museum

  • Txefe Alonso Garcia

    I just will be waiting till October, if not I will leave Sony; I have a Minolta 7000i and a Sony alfa 700 and lents…I have been waiting the new A99 for long, as I WILL not get the Alpha 7 series…going to Nikon. It’s stupid to change to E.mount because they decided so I prefer to sell all my cameras, lents and change. I have the choice to decide, not them.

  • Bill Williams

    I have been a Sony A mount consumer since the beginning. My investment in lenses is significant. I love the electronic view finder. But four years is a long time to wait for an update of the Alpha 99. E-mount is not the answer for me. I tried the adapter to save my lens investment. September is my drop dead date for Sony, then it is on to Nikon and the D5.

  • Just when I’m about to throw in the towel they release the 70-400 G ii, 70-200 2.8 G ii, 24-70 2.8 Zeiss ii and 16-35 2.8 Zeiss ii making me think they haven’t abandoned us. You would think that they would have released an entry level Full Frame camera like a Canon 6D to dominate the industry then come out with a game changing camera around $3,000 that has a large buffer and 36 MP dual SD card slots. They have the technology in the a7r and all they have to do is release a camera that has cross type focus points throughout the sensor and can shoot 8fps RAW and 12fps JPG like the a77 and a77ii does but with a buffer that’ll rival the Canon 1dx ii and Nikon D5.
    My number one complaint with e-mount cameras are their battery life and the fact that a professional camera only has one SD card slot. With my a99 I shoot with one 32gb SD card that writes in RAW and the second is 64gb JPG that way if my 32gb card gets corrupted after a wedding I still have the 64gb JPG files which never fills up but I go through 2-3 32gb cards which I never totally fill up because the last thing you want is a card filling up when you need it most and if it’s going to corrupt at least there is only 6-800 RAW images you lost as opposed to 1200+. You might call me over cautious but it’s better to be safe than sorry. My bread and butter is real estate photography and the display screen level is essential for me to get parallel lines to stay straight so that I “never” have to do it in post process saving me time by getting it correct in camera as much as possible and this is the main reason I switched from Canon to Sony back in 2012. I’m still hopeful they’ll come out with a Full Frame a-Mount camera but till then I’ll have to bank in on all the people selling their a-Mount lenses on eBay.

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