Why Lukas Gisbert-mora moved from Nikon DSLR to Fuji Mirroless

Earlier photographers switched to mirrorless because of its compact size in comparison to DSLRs but with time the features and quality of mirrorless has increased to such an extent that now more people are switching to mirrorless. In the present time, almost every photographer has at least one mirrorless camera.

In the crowd of such photographers who have switched to mirrorless, lies a photographer named Lukas Gisbert-mora, who has currently flipped his side from Nikon to a Fuji. The above mentioned video starring Lukas enlists all the pros and cons of selecting a Fuji over Nikon.

Unlike any other review video Lukas first starts with the cons of a mirrorless system that includes the short battery power and video capabilities of the mirrorless.


Then he turns to the pros of using mirrorless system. He mainly focuses on the AF capability of the Fujifilm camera that is much better than that of Nikon. He also shares his shooting experience at a wedding reception where he finds his Fuji camera more effective than his Nikon D3. He also mentions that the Fuji camera makes creates less sound from its shutter while capturing the image.

After watching the video we can suggest that as per what Lukas said, every pro that shoots portraits or weddings can give a try to Fuji. Well it seems that the mirrorless revolution is again about to reach its peak.



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