What we expect from Canon SX70 HS

The current Canon SX60 HS camera features a 65X optical zoom lens along with Intelligent IS system, on the other hand Nikon few month ago announced a tough competitor of Canon that completely ended the Megazoom competition for a moment, the camera is Nikon P900 with 83X optical zoom and allow you to take super-closeup images of Moon without any problem.

Nikon P900 demand is soo high the Nikon Japan Nikon Japan issues an official apology on their website for not being able to keep up with the demand for the Coolpix P900 camera.


Now let’s talk about the Canon SX60 HS Successor and our expectations.

Canon updates its Zoom camera every year So this year too we are going to see a Megzoom camera from Canon to compete with Nikon and become the world best megazoom camera…

Optical Zoom Lens – We have already seen Canon 100X compact optical zoom lens patent… But at this moment we don’t know that when Canon will bring a 100X optical zoom camera. However, for Canon SX70 HS we need atleast a 85X + Optical zoom lens that will make Canon SX70 HS prefect compatitior of Nikon P900.

ISO – We can expect 1 Stop increment in the ISO range of current SX60HS camera, the upcoming Canon SX70HS camera must have ISO range equivalent to ISO 12800, that will bring a better low-light performance and less noise while shooting at High ISO range,

Hybrid IS is not enough – Canon already implemented 5-axis image stabilization G7X premium compact camera, we do hope that Canon will bring 5-axis IS system to upcoming superzoom camera.

Video: We can’t expect 4K from Canon at this moment, Canon and Nikon is far behind Sony and Panasonic in-terms of implementing 4K Video Recording Capability in compacts, So why should expect a impossible thing from Canon ?

The Canon SX60 HS was announced on Sep 2014, so we can expect that Canon will announce its SX60 HS successor in Q4 of 2015. so keep your finger crossed and hope for the best.

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