Walkera introduced its new superzoom camera

walkeraWalkera’s new superzoom camera “Voyager 4” knocked the drone camera world in sensational way and basically, the two new remarkable features included into the design enhance the camera to gain more attention. This is 360-degree camera with a 16x optical zoom lens capable of a maximum 1500mm focal length.

Unlike the other drone cameras available around, this Voyager 4 won’t let you to worry about privacy implications, because the camera is designed in such a way that you won’t get to hear the flying sound of the drone even if it crossed from you backside, means sound is very negligible.


And due to advancement in technology and wider zoom range the lens can deliver excellent results. However, the camera offers you to take full HD video of 1080p, but the fixed wide lens can shoot 4K.On the other side, Voyager 4 has new controller, the Devo F18, which has dedicated flight mode switches, suit for Hobbyist users.

The Voyager 4 can be configured to operate using its own Wi-Fi network, which has a range around 1.5 km (0.9 mi) in the air, or the drone and the controller can use 4G wireless internet to communicate with you and that gives a unlimited range pf control.

For example is you are using 4G network you can control the drone from one county to another through high speed mobile internet, that particular facility gives you a power to control your drone from any point of earth.

However, the price and release date is in not confirmed yet.


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