Upcoming Nikon Mirrorless will be 45 MP sensor High Resolution camera?

What a information! According to the recent rumor, Nikon would announce one new high resolution camera like Nikon D850, but this time it would be a Full-Frame mirrorless. NikonRumors says that One Nikon DX and one FX mirrorless cameras will be introduced probably in different time interval. And the most exciting part of the information is that one of those two mirrorless would be 21MP (probably the D500 sensor) and other is 45MP (probably the D850 sensor). However, on the other hand, Nikon also like to consider mostly the Full-frame mirrorlress business over the DX version (not much clear). However, Nikon Mirrorless camera is very trending topic on the web and the rumor says that no indication of its arrival by the end of 2017. Means it is highly expected to book its place in the market sometime in 2018.

Here are what NR says:

  • One Nikon DX and one FX mirrorless cameras will be introduced (maybe not at the same time)
  • New mirrorless mount – this is pretty much the consensus┬ábased on all the tips I have received.
  • Several new mirrorless lenses will be launched together with the new camera(s).
  • Two different sensor resolutions: 21MP (probably the D500 sensor) and 45MP (probably the D850 sensor). Nikon is still considering to drop the DX version and go full frame only for their mirrorless solution.
  • ┬áNikon is putting a lot of effort in making a new adapter for Nikon F-mount lenses to work with the new mirrorless mount.

No name tag has yet been set for this Mirrorless camera but we would get soon. So stay with and get more and more updates about Nikon Upcoming Mirrorless cameras.

Via- NR

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