Top five photo cameras widely used by the Photographers around the world


Using this publicly available metadata, a new website called ExploreCams pulls together interactive graphics to show what cameras, lenses, and settings are most used around the world.

You can see according to EXplorecams, Canon 5D mark III is on the peak point, which means most of the photographers around the globe use this Canon camera to accomplish their photographic needs. However, photographers are restlessly waiting for its update which is to come in August, 2016 Canon 5D mark IV.

Top 5 camera and lenses in the world image

In their list Canon 6D is in the second position, the camera that was announced back in 2012, and the rumor is that its successor that is 6D mark II will be announced soon.

Canon conquered the top three position along with the Canon 5D mark III’s sibling that is 5D mark II and you can see that D7100 is the only camera of Nikon managed to acquire place. The fifth and last one is also a Canon product that is Canon EOS 7D.

The Explorecams is new website and the bright developers of this websites collected this data by making a little survey based on the seven million photos which have been posted over photo sharing site like Flikr, 500px and Pixabay, with ExifTool technology. Through this survey they got to know the cameras, lenses and gears that photographers mostly use for their shooting purpose.

Via- Explorecams


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