Things to consider before buying next lens


What is the right time to buy next lens? Which is the most appropriate lens to consider next? A lot of similar questions really occur in the minds of curious photographers, most of the time.

In this article, we will explain you which is the best lens to buy next, trustfully. Plus, this might also help those who are also desire to spare their cash on the next lens, but they are still in the dilemma situation.


Where is the confusion created?   Actually, this is the big question that all the photographers need to clear first. Fairly speaking, they should understand their point of interest before going for next lens. They should know the need and requirements of the camera so that after getting specific lens they feel effortless and unobtrusive while shooting and get the new and never before experience. The amount of best lenses in the market is huge but all have their different places and requirements in Photography. Suppose, your currently using kit lens is unable to deliver you desired results — may be due to the limitation of the lens (you need more aperture range that your current lens doesn’t have) — then it is the obvious time to replace it.

Yes, the subject matters– For instance, you have 55 – 200mm lens for your Nikon DSLR and the lens is great for Close – ups, since its Zoom in for 200mm of telephoto reach, but you want a lens of similar characters that take remarkable group shot as well Zoom shots, then your search might end with Nikon 18-140mm lens, which offers 18mm wide-angle view that’s great for group shots and landscapes etc.

The above example is just to show you how to choose lens as per subjects.

Alright, the next thing you might consider is budget — Of course, your budget range must decide the kind of lens you can buy because the entry level shooters must not want a lens that costs more than the price of the camera, but sometimes we have to do this due to availability of limited options. Honestly, there are bunch of lenses available around that can give you groundbreaking performance and prices are within the reach… simply, available at an attainable price. You just need to do a thorough research to find the dark horse lenses.

Right said… it is really a daunting task for any photographer to get best lenses for APS-C camera than Full-frame. Of course! It is difficult because lenses for APS-C camera are existing or available in large quantities that ultimately create confusion among the new buyers. How to get rid of confusion?

 Click here to see recommended lenses to get off from the confusion / Click here also


Focal length- For the beginners, understanding the vast definition of focal length can also create confusion. You should know that if you use the same focal length of the lens in different camera you may get the different views of the subjects due to vary in sensor sizes (because of the crop factor). Basically, we face this light problem with the case of APS-C sensor camera…unluckily, this problem is very rare or you can say invisible with the case of Full-Frame camera. As we already told you earlier that there are bunch of pretty good lenses available around with remarkable focal length, but if you want a startup lens with focal length upto the mark then would probably be our choice. Select yours

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