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It is habitual that we are much excited to use any brand new thing when we  buy it for the first time and if it’s expensive then it’s our responsibility to carefully use it for our specific reason. So, just the same thing is in the case of new lens. It’s suggested by the expert photographers that to become a productive photographer one has to inspect a lot of crucial things about lenses, cameras including other accessories and has to know the basics to utilize it in the best way so that one can get his job done gracefully.

We expect that you have just owned an expensive lens and packing your bags to search and shoot your desire subjects, then we say wait! Still much remains to be done with your new lens. Just see what to do after buying a new lens.

Examine your lens well

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It is not necessary that the expensive and brand new lens you purchased is with zero problems. Sometimes, issues are easily visible even in the million dollar equipment but, in general, that occurred accidentally. So, it’s necessary to examine each and every crucial part of the lens sharply. Suppose, the lens impressed you dramatically with the overall performance but if there is an unpleasant vignetting issue (in the images) come into notice then your expensive purchase doesn’t worth it. Maximum times we have to swim across these issues when we purchase our lens from an unauthorized dealer.

Filter for your lens– It’s not possible to protect our lens elements everytime from the dust and dirt and also from the scratches, which can harm a lens sensor in different ways while we go for outdoor shooting. But you can protect your valuable lens just by using a good filter, because there are a lot of reflections in the lens but not all are requisites for the lens, so a filter not only can protect your lens in great way from unwanted and harmful reflections but also improve colors.

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In general, the problems with the photographers are that they don’t know how to utilize it beautifully and safely and actually the only thing that troubles them is the conception “filters will reduce the image quality”. But practically, it is seen that the photographers using the expensive lenses of high quality don’t face such problems, it is usually in the case when photographers use the costly lens and invest less on filters (low quality filters). The distinctive photographers having authoritative knowledge in the field of photography always suggest that UV/Clear, Polarizing and Neutral Density are the best filters available around the market and using these lens photographers will have nothing to face even if they go to the dense and bushes to collect the best subjects’ shot.

Mount the lens on camera and get out for shooting– Maybe the biggest test a lens has to pass through when you take it out for shooting to check whether or not the lens is qualified enough to deliver you the finest results for which you have made it purchase. Carry the camera and find a nice place where you have a lot of subjects to be snapped, then snap some good amount of images from varying your positions. Means take the shots of the images from distances, from close and in various ways.

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Now, when you are done, come home and sit patiently infront of your computer to analyze the images in details, check if you could notice vignetting on the images or unnecessary colors. Sometimes, photographers also experience focus issue from their camera lenses, may arise critical problems. So in order to negotiate with the AF problems means to get precise AF results, you need to do some calibration works (Get a tripod and calibrating charts).  Ultimately, we recommend you to test everything observably, give a good amount of time to your shooting work, if you still notice the same issues then inform your manufacturer for the further solutions.

Register your lens-

Why it’s always recommended to get your product from authorized dealers, all because to get helped by the manufacturers during any issue untimely comes out. Register your lens with the manufacturer websites (you are using the lens) to get a handful warranty periods.

These were all just the basic things that one should have to do after buying a new lens.

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