The upcoming Apple iPhones may use Sony’s 12MP RGBW sensor

SONY SENSORThe reports revealed the future planning of Sony related to its latest 12MP RGBW sensor and also added that the upcoming next generation of Apple iPhones will be upgraded with its latest sensor.

As the coding “RGBW” (Red, Green, Blue, White), is the upgradation of the conventional range of “RGB”. The inclusion of “White” pixels will definitely a revolution in the field of sensors. The sensor will enable the high quality shooting in dark indoor and night setting without making noise.

The latest sensor 12MP RGBW will definitely increase the higher sensitivity, but in the cost of poor image quality.

The RGBW a sensor is also attached with an issue related to the pixel size, the quality of the image is totally affected by the decrease of its pixel size. But Sony confidently claimed that it solved the problem with its new kind of technology but didn’t mention about it.

It stated as: – While the individual pixels of the Sony models are extremely minute at 1.12μm, the incorporation of the “RBGW Coding” function has realized a SN ratio (signal-to-noise ratio) equivalent to that of a unit pixel size of 1.4μm under conventional methods, which in turn has enables the image sensors to achieve a higher resolution at a more compact size.

There is uncertainty whether RGBW sensor tech will be used in the future APS-C or FF sensors or not.

It is also possible that we may see upcoming Sony A7S II and Sony A8000.

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