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Sony NEX-7 Successor Coming Soon

Nex7Nex6 and nex7 successor coming at cp+ show at japan, the name is not known yet but according to rumors it may be called Sony A7000. This successor will replace both camera Nex6 and Nex7

The upcoming camera will feature new sensor, improved AF speed and new image processor, the price of the camera is expected to be approx 800 euro


Sony A79 and A7000 Coming Soon

Sony-A77-DSLT Latest Rumors floating over the web suggest that two more camera coming from Sony and they belong to bit high-end category, the first one is probably A-Mount Camera and second one is a E-mount camera and both will feature APS-C sensor inside them.

Brief details below

The upcoming A79 (Name not confirmed yet) is a successor of Sony A77 The upcoming A7000 (yep same,

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