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Sony Upcoming cameras 2018

Honestly, there are innumerable photographers who are all set to invest on Sony cameras that are yet to come. Means some wait for such and such camera’s update to come, some wait for next Sony’s flagship etc. But what are Sony coming with in 2018 since the year is very close to begin? But Before the end of this year (2017) a very

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List of Sony Upcoming cameras 2017


Sony Upcoming cameras 2017 – When 2015 was about to over we had a lot expectations from Sony to see some fresh and updated announcement in 2016…but unfortunately, the Earthquake of Kumamoto shattered all the speculations and hopes of the Sony users that brutally affected Sony’s production up to a considerable point. The world knows Sony is the giant sensor producer that not only develops

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Sony A7 III will start shipping in Q2 of 2017

sony-a7-iii-cameraAnother good news recently hit the web that Sony A7 Mark III will be the next A7 series’ camera to be shipping in the Q2 of 2017 (probably at March to June timeframe). However, the exact date of announcement has not been confirmed yet. Unluckily, we also have to wait for the specifications of this Upcoming Sony A7 III camera and the successor for Sony A7 II, which was released back in Nov 2014.

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List of rumored camera that may arrive in 2016…

camera-rumors-2016-imageMany photographers around the world may be willing to know the name of the upcoming cameras in 2016. By the way, still there are a few cameras remains to be updated, so companies may announce the update of the pending cameras first and then walk to announce the new one.

Yet, We are making a list of the possible cameras for one who

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Sony A7 II vs. Sony A7

Sony Alpha 7 II vs. Sony Alpha 7 2 (2)

Sony A7 II camera is a successor of the Sony A7 camera.. does the A7 II carry enough improvements ? take a look below to find out the details…

Major Difference

Sony Alpha 7 II vs. Sony Alpha 7 Specification

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