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Best Video cameras 2018

In the current time, if we have to choose any one camera for a videography then it will be Panasonic GH5. Absolutely, because the camera gives you outstanding 3840 x 2160p @ 60fps and the price of the camera comes under the $2k range. Really impressive! But Panasonic GH5 is a professional camera and the most of the entry level users wouldn’t go for it. They might love to choose some entry-level

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Best beginners Camera 2018

You have to find some crucial reasons to say any particular camera is the best for the beginners since every few year or Month the updates coming to those entry-level cameras in very quick time-frame. However, it doesn’t mean that since once update to any camera is available means the predecessor becomes outdated. But as we always speak “An improvement in specifications always bring Joy to shooting”! Meanwhile, just buying a camera also doesn’t mean you can be superior photographer immediately but there are so many things technically and Optically one should

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Fuji X-A10 vs Sony A5100

fuji-x-a10-vs-sony-a5100Specifications inside the core of Fuji X-A10 is wonderful… no doubt, but it looks like the stylish Sony A5100 is making its mark with the help of extraordinary AF systems and more number of pixels compared to Fuji X-A10. You can see in the table that Sony A5100 gives next level specifications and Fuji X-T2 is lagging behind in the contest. Let’s see

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Sony A5300 is coming?

a5100-digitalrevOne of the most popular compact mirrorless entry-level cameras Sony A5100 has been now finally discontinued at digitalrev stock. This popular Sony compact camera was released back in 2014 and its discontinuance hints that its successor Sony A5300 is arriving very soon, however, date is unclear yet. This discontinuance directly means that Sony want space for their upcoming Sony A5300, which

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Panasonic GM5 vs. Sony A5100

Sony A5100 is a newly announced camera and successor of famous A5000 camera, the two best part of the Sony A5000 camera is the bigger sensor and active Phase AF points inside the sensor… due to bigger AF sensor we get more dynamic range and active Phase AF points help us to acquire the AF points quickly…on the other hand the GM5 uses traditional M4/3 sensor and features contrast based AF system…

The Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GM5 features 16MP Digital Live MOS Sensor and Venus Engine Image Processor on the other hand Sony Alpha

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Sony A5100 vs. Olympus E-PL7

Sony A5100 and the E-PL7 both are entry level mirrorless camera announced few days ago, the Sony A5100 features same sensor as of Sony A6000 … plus the sensor size of the A5100 is just double of the M4/3 sensor used in the E-PL7 camera so you wiull sure get better dynamic dynamic range and low light performance with the A51000….the other major advantgae is the PDAF sensopr of A5100.. that uses boith the contrast and phase AF method… and E-PL7 uses c0ntrast based method…

Sony A5100 vs. Olympus E-PL7

Sony A5100 vs. Olympus E-M1

Take a look at the specification comparison review between the Olympus E-M1 flagship mirrorless camera and Sony A5100 entry level mirrorless camera…but Why we have selected a flagship camera and a entry level camera? since the Sony added the A6000 sensor to the A5100 body and hence the A5100 becomes world most affordable camera with Hybrid AF technology…. take a look at the detailed specification comparison review below….

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Sony A5100 vs. Sony A6000

We have done a brief comparison between the recently announced A5100 camera and the A6000 camera, more or less they both carry the same core specification.. take a look at the details below

Sony A5100 vs. Sony A6000 2 (2)Major Difference

Sony A5100 vs. Sony A6000 Specification Comparison Table.

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Sony A5100 Announced – Features Hybrid AF Sensor


Sony just announced the A5100 camera today, the camera features hybrid AF system same as of Sony A6000 mirrorless camera, the image processor is also same… but even the two major things are same Sony somehow manages to keep the continuous shooting speed limited to 6 fps only where as the Sony A6000 supports continuous shooting speed of 11fps… our specification comparison review is

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Sony A5100 vs. Olympus E-M10

The Sony A5100 features same sensor as of Nikon A6000 mirrorless camera, the A6000 features one of the world fastest AF system… on the other hand the E-M10 have M4/3 system and contrast based AF system…

Sony A5100 vs. Olympus E-M10

Major Difference

Sony A5100 vs. Olympus E-M10 Specification Comparison Table.

Sony A5100 vs. Olympus E-M10