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Sigma lenses for Sony FE-Mount cameras will be available soon


It looks like Sigma’s president Kazuto Yamaki is unable to decide the sweet time to start producing full frame FE lenses for Sony E-mount. Yes, same thing he said again as he did in March of previous year that “we will make lenses for Sony FE-Mount”. Also, to accomplish this promise the honorable president of Sigma himself bought a Sony A7R II camera to understand the performance and capabilities of the Sony hybrids. Actually, he stated this in an

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Canon 5D Mark IV Compatibility issue on usage SIGMA interchangeable lenses

Canon 5D Mark IV

Sigma revealed the Canon 5D Mark IV compatibility warning to all people who are going to buy this Canon product. Actually, issues are easily noticeable when Sigma interchangeable lenses are attached to Canon 5D Mark IV. However, this is not only 5D Mark IV’s problem, but the camera body with almost same features as 5D Mark IV faces the same issue.

Here is what Sigma says:

Sigma announced 8 cinema lenses in series

sigma-lenses The leading lens manufacturer Sigma has officially announced 8 High Speed Cinema Lenses, alongwith 3 zoom lenses and 5 prime lenses. Talk about these Cine lenses, then the lenses are weatherproof and come with advanced optical performance. We have yet to know the price, but the lenses will be available by the end of this year in US and Japan. An 18-35mm T2 and 50-100mm T2 for the Super 35 format (and APS-C bodies) will be the first introduced.

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