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Samsung NX400 vs Sony A6000 – Rumored Specification Comparison


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After doing much market research we’ve came to the conclusion that the upcoming Samsung NX400 can have the Sony Alpha 6000 as its top most competitor. Let’s take a close look on both the camera’s specs:

P.S. specs for NX400 are rumored; no confirm news is available yet.

Sensor: both the cameras have a

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Samsung NX400 to be announced in January 2014


According to MR they have received information from several sources that the Samsung’s NX400 is going to be announced next month. The NX400 comes with the same NX1’s sensor but the upcoming model is said to not have 4K capability as well as weather sealing.

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Camera coming in early 2015

jan and feb 2015

While all are eagerly waiting for the products coming in the CP+ show, some top notch camera manufacturing companies are ready to surprise its customers with some amazing products before the cp+ show itself.

Sony: lenses that have been revealed at Photokina, Pro e-mount FF (confirmed), an APS-C E mount (rumored). Olympus: E-M6 (100%), 7-14mm PRO

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Samsung NX400 and NX400-EVF Coming on Early 2015

large_NX011Possibly the successor of NX300 called NX400 will be announced in Q1 of 2015 reported by a source of mirrorlessrumors and also they also suggest that the it will come in two variations. The first one will come with integrated EVF and the second one will not have integrated EVF. So it’s name will be NX400 and NX400EVF respectively.