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Olympus E-M6 / E-M5 Mark II will Capture 40MP Images


According to 43rumors the highly rumored Olympus camera that is said to be released in February coming year will be named as E-M5II (E-M5 Mark II). The camera will feature a 16MP sensor that will allow the user to shoot up to 40MP by sensor shift capture technology (in up to 8 frames of single shots).

What I personally believe is that

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Olympus E-M6 to Feature High Resolution Sensor

Bildschirmfoto2012-12-23um0According to 43rumors the new E-M5 successor will look slightly different from the existing model. The camera will offer higher resolution image but no change in the sensor is expected. The camera is expected to roll in the market in February 2015.

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E-M5 successor to feature on ship phase detect AF system

olympus-successorAccording to 43rumors the upcoming model from Olympus (successor of the E – M5) will feature the PDAF (phase detection AF). The AF system will be almost same as in the E – M1. It will feature on-chip phase detection points that will provide excellent speed while focusing and will work excellently while using both a viewfinder and the LCD display

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Camera coming in early 2015

jan and feb 2015

While all are eagerly waiting for the products coming in the CP+ show, some top notch camera manufacturing companies are ready to surprise its customers with some amazing products before the cp+ show itself.

Sony: lenses that have been revealed at Photokina, Pro e-mount FF (confirmed), an APS-C E mount (rumored). Olympus: E-M6 (100%), 7-14mm PRO

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Olympus E-M6 with 4K Video Coming


Official E-M5 successor (may be called E-M6 or E-M5 II we don’t know) will be launched by Olympus in January. The new OMD MFT camera will feature a brand new sensor technology. The new technology is a major step taken by Olympus towards delivering better image quality and possibly 4K video recording. However the new camera will feature a new design and its specs would be much different than that of the E-M5