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Nikon Upcoming Cameras 2018


Several Nikon cameras that were highly expected to get announced in 2017 failed to register their announcement platform and we are seeing that 2017 will shortly take an exit to 2018. In July, Nikon announced the most awaited Nikon D850 and broke some incredible records of the past. The most popular record is its unassailable 100 out of 100 in

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Nikon Upcoming Products


May be it is gradually, but we are at least knowing the lists of the products that the camera manufacturers are preparing to show at Photokina events. Like Panasonic has two to three cameras for Photokina, Olympus also bringing their products all the way to this photo events and some other products of different companies will also be introduced. Anyway, these are alright, but we are trying to know exactly what Nikon is showing

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Nikon P1000 and our expectation

Nikon-P1000-imageA couple of month ago, we published a rumored information via anonymous mailer that Nikon P1000 will come with a 90X optical zoom lens and better low-light performance compared to Nikon P900. Also there was expectation that the upcoming Nikon P1000 will be announced at the end of 2016 or beginning of 2017 based on the refresh cycle of Nikon mega zoom series.

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Nikon P1000 Coming with 90X Zoom ?


We have already seen the Nikon P900 capability and its Jupiter closeup images. But according to email we have received today at our email Nikon is gearing up for next megazoom camera that will end Megazoom battle forever, Sony already kicked out from megazoom race and they are unable to announce any camera after Sony HX400 and on the other side Canon

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