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Nikon D9300

Nikon D400

The Nikon D9300 is expected to be the successor of Nikon D400 camera. The camera will sure arrive with advance are specification.

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Nikon D800S, Nikon D9300 and Nikon P8000 camera coming soon


An event scheduled for next week has been held by Nikon and NDA agreement + press invitations have been already sent out. Nikon will make it’s official announcement possibly on June 16th, Nikon store representatives are also preparing new product demo.

All these indicate that a big announcement from Nikon and we may see a Nikon D800s camera soon followed by Nikon D9300 or Nikon 1 inch sensor based coolpix camera( Nikon P8000 or Nikon P700).


Up-Coming Camera of 2017-2018 [Rumor]

we have collected the list of rumored camera List that may be announced on 2017 and 18

Pro-full frame camera


Fullframe-NEX-imageSony A5

Mid- Range full-frame camera

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Nikon Rumors Update – April 2014

Nikon Coolpix P8000We have just collected the list of camera rumored to be announced on upcoming months, it’s interesting to see how camera companies shifting there products on the high-end level, Nikon upgrading its pro compact camera sensors from 1/1.7 inch to 1 inch… in upcoming compact camera, according to latest rumors Nikon 700 and Nikon P8000 are the first two batch of

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Nikon D9300 / Nikon D400 Coming

Breaking Nikon D9300 DSLR camera on the horizon

According to latest rumors surfaced other different website, Nikon D9300 (Nikon D400 was rumored name, confirmed model name is Nikon D9300) is rumored to be announce soon.. the camera will feature advance upgrade in core specification compared to Nikon D300s (Nikon D9300 predecessor), however we don’t have much details yet and we will update you soon as we get any new information.

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