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Five Nikon lenses will be announced in 2017

Let’s start from Nikon’s 100 anniversary update, as we know the Nikon will celebrate their 100th birthday in July, 2017. Also recently, a rumor hit the web that 100 units of Nikon D5 and D500 in graphite/gunmetal gray versions will be manufacturer on its 100th anniversary. But Earlier there was rumor that Nikon may announce Nikon DF2 camera on the same day, Today Rumor mill again confimred us

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whoa! Nikon D820 to feature 46 MP Sensor?

Nikon D820

This might be the wow moment for the Nikon users, specifically the users who have been still waiting for Nikon D820 for longer timeframe because the new rumor suggests that this most anticipated Nikon FF DSLR camera is coming with 46 MP sensor. A couple of days ago we published that Nikon is forward

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Nikon Upcoming DSLRs and Mirrorless Cameras 2017


Nikon Upcoming DSLRs and Mirrorless Cameras 2017 – Nikon is one great source behind the imaging technology and the royal corporate in providing the unprecedented products for their users. Nikon already have clusters of exceptional cameras, lenses and other stuffs in their arsenal. In 2016, they introduced Nikon D5… a historic and groundbreaking camera from Nikon that gets the attention of the worldwide professional photographers immediately. Not only

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Nikon D5600 Announced — What Next?


Nikon D5600— the last camera announced by Nikon, the DX-format camera already was in our list of cameras that to be announced soon (see here). If we update the page then we see Nikon D5600 will be no longer seen since the camera was already announced, but still there are numbers of cameras circulating rapidly to be announced by Nikon next. As we have already discussed in our

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Nikon Upcoming Products


May be it is gradually, but we are at least knowing the lists of the products that the camera manufacturers are preparing to show at Photokina events. Like Panasonic has two to three cameras for Photokina, Olympus also bringing their products all the way to this photo events and some other products of different companies will also be introduced. Anyway, these are alright, but we are trying to know exactly what Nikon is showing us at Photokina? Since we

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Nikon D820

Nikon D820

Nikon D820

According to latest rumors surfaced other different websites, Nikon D820 is rumored to be announced date soon with modest upgrade in core specification however we don’t have much details yet and we will update you soon as we get any new information.