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Fuji X-A5 may arrive in CES 2018?

In the beginning of 2018, Fuji may announce two or Three mirrorless cameras. According to the recent drawings, which were submitted to the FCC it looks like the new camera would probably be Fuji X-A5, is supposed to be the successor to current X-A3 (Released back in August, 2018).

FCCID: W2Z-02100005 FUJIFILM Corporation Communication module: TYPE 1 FJ Wireless standard: WLAN

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Upcoming Fuji X-A5 could have PDAF


The only information we managed to collect as of now for Fuji X-A3 successor is that it is coming shortly! Yes, according to the rumor mill, Fuji X-A5 (X-A3 successor) is under development. However, no information on the specifications and speculated announcement date of this camera but it could feature PDAF.

Well, you should know that Fuji X-A3 was announced back in 2016 and is due for an update. X-A3 doesn’t have PDAF so we greatly expect to see this incredible AF system in Fuji’s upcoming Mirrorless Digital Camera. Also, it

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