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Nikon 1 J5 vs. Fujifilm X-A2

Nikon 1 J5 vs. Fujifilm X-A2 2 (2)

If we talk about the sensor then Fujifilm X-A2 uses the better sensor aka large size APSC SENSOR than Nikon j5 but however Nikon manages to drag out max resolution that’s 21mp from a 1 inch and on the other hand Fujifilm X-A2 has only 16mp despite

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A Video to the Fujinon Craftsmanship

Fujifiom-Factory-img-clipThe video given at the bottom is showing the craftsmanship of Fujinon by polishing to the mold pressing, from the assembling to the final check (where each lens is carefully checked by skilled technicians) and the packaging… and at the end of the chain, there is somewhere a happy X-shooter enjoying the great quality of the glass.

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Fujifilm X-M1 vs. Nikon 1 S1

The Fujifilm X-M have APS-C sized sensor and Nikon S1 1 inch, but the Nikon S1 have advance Hybrid AF system, so do you prefer speed or image quality ? take a look at the chart below and find out the major difference,

Fujifilm-XM1-vs.-S1-1Major Difference

Fujifilm X-M1 vs. Nikon 1 S1 Specification Comparison Table.

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