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New Canon EF-S 35mm F/2.8 Macro IS STM lens captures incredible details

Canon recently announced compact and lightweight, new EF-S 35mm f/2.8 Macro IS STM lens that helps both entry-level and advanced amateur DSLR photographers getting absolutely outstanding Macro results. With built-in LED lights on each side of the lens, users can create impressive shadows on either side of a subject or adjust intensity to give images a sense of dimension. Moreover, this Canon STM lens is not limited

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Best Canon lens for Sports Photography

Choices vary from person to person, photographers to photographers but when you go for a single purpose then you have to rely on only one to get your things done, comfortably. So here we are talking about the Canon lenses that are the best in their class and remain unbeaten for long term. By the way, it is somehow a very difficult task to find out the best lenses

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Best Canon zoom lenses

Which Canon zoom lens do you usually use while shooting around? Probably, Canon EF-S 55-250mm F4 – 5.6 IS STM lens if you are an APS-C DSLR user or Canon 700-200mm F2.8L IS II if you are a Fullframe DSLR user. We set these two lenses as examples because both of these two are just the kings of zoom lenses that tremendously offer you the intended and best results in any number

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Best Canon wide angle lenses

Before we recommend you the best wide angle lens made by Canon we must explain “what is wide angle lens and its advantage in briefly. Actually, wide angle lens is the lens with very short focal length and you should know as shorter the focal length is, the wider is the field of view. Wide angle lenses are used by the Landscape photographers, Cityscapes, real estate photographers etc. When the value gets

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Best Canon lenses to start with

Best Canon lenses to start with – You are in this article because you have recently bought a new Canon DSLR along with the kit lenses to begin or resume your photography to a new level. Alright, but the kit lenses are not actually suitable for all aspects of photography, so most of the photographers keep the kit lenses aside and search the best Canon lenses available around that add a

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Best Canon Macro Lenses

Canon 7D and 100mm F2.8 L Lens

Best Canon Macro Lenses : Suppose a Fairyfly (World’s smallest insect) is seating on a flower and you were asked to take an excellent shot of this Fairy fly then which Macro lens you would prefer first to snap it, unobtrusively. You may have some outstanding lenses in your arsenal and there are a few that

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Best Canon lenses for wildlife Photography

Everybody knows the necessity of best lenses during wildlife photography. By the way, other than lenses there are some effective points that every wildlife photographer must shove down in their throat before moving towards their shouting passion to snap everything in the wild areas including the fast running dear and the highly dangerous the Nocturnal Primates. But there are some beginners who think getting the best lenses are

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Best Canon lenses for wedding photography

Which lens should I use to cover the entire event of wedding, though I have APS-C and Full-Frame cameras? A lot of questions like these are hanging on the minds of many photographers and unfortunately their searching hasn’t found the appropriate answer until now. In fact, wedding is a go and grab opportunity for the photographers where photographers can earn popularity as well as money by offering their clients

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Best Lenses for Canon 77D

How is Canon 50mm F1.8 STM lens for newly announced Canon 77D? An outstanding portrait lens we would recommend to all the Canon 77D users that gives you the shooting experience of next level. Not only this Canon 50mm lens there are bunch of lenses that are highly recommended for the superb photography using 77D. For instance, zoom lens, Telephoto lens, Ultra wide zoom lens etc. Let’s give

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Upcoming lenses 2017

Upcoming Lenses

Want to know the name of Upcoming lenses 2017 ? People are completely engrossed in searching the upcoming DSLRs, Mirrorless cameras, compact cameras etc, but there are also a certain sections of photographers who are desperately waiting to know the name of the lenses that are coming all the way in 2017 along with the upcoming cameras. However, we see there are plenty of upcoming lenses are surfacing on

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