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Canon 800D/T7i Vs. Canon 750D/760D

Canon T7i vs. Canon 750D

Is Canon 800D/T7i is really going to be the hit camera from Canon after 80D? A lot of you may say of course yes! But why do we take 80D since we are comparing it with Canon 750D/760D (seems funny!)? Actually, Canon 800D of course a new camera with lot upgrades than its predecessor, Canon 750 sisters,

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Pentax K-70 vs. Canon 760D

Pentax-K-70-vs.-Canon-760DPentax K-70 and Canon 760D both are the DSLR cameras for entry level photographers and are equipped with incredible specifications. Though, it will really be a difficult task for the photographers to select the best one between these two, but if you read our comparison details then you can easily set your mind and can further to choose the better one. Resolution, for

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Sensor issue regarding Canon EOS Rebel T6s and T6i reported by Lens Rentals

Lens-rental Lens Rentals received initial Canon EOS Rebel T6s/760D and T6i/750D units and has recognized a problem in sensor with a number of those cameras. Out of total samples of 20 units there were purchased by the rental service and approx 5 of them are defective….You will find and clearly see the dust like spots on top of the sensor when studied under direct light.

The EOS Rebel T6s/760D and Rebel T6i/750D arrived with magnificent specs.

Canon-750D-front-image-1EOS Rebel T6s/760D and Rebel T6i/750D are the two DSLR’s that was recently announced by Canon. Both the two have been equipped with a 24.2MP APS-C sensor, a newly developed 24.2 megapixel Canon CMOS imaging sensor create a sharp image. The new EOS Rebel cameras have an awe inspiring ISO range of 100-12800 that can also be expandable to 25600 and that will take a

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Canon EOS 750D/760D camera specifications

Canon-Canon-EOS-760 d

The latest Canon EOS 750D/760D DSLR camera specifications surfacing over the sites . Here’s the expected specifications:

Canon EOS 750D


Canon-EOS-750DCanon EOS 750D/760D camera specifications