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Canon 3D is Coming on 2015


As the previous rumors suggested on 50MP EOS 3D high megapixel DSLR camera may arrive soon, the news is confirmed by the company executive director of Image Communication Business Division of canon – Masaya Maeda, the company is finally looking adventurous about the working of high mega pixel camera. work on high mega pixel will be seen in future as Maeda said.


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Canon EOS DSLR with 35+ Megpixel Fulframe Sensor


Representative of Canon is talking about a high megapixel camera in an interview with DC Watch at the Japanese website. The interview was of a new “high-resolution model of the EOS“:

“I to higher pixel unnecessarily is the opposite, but there is also a feeling if there is a high-performance lens that matches the number of pixels (pixel pitch), to want to take a look at

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Up-Coming Camera of 2017-2018 [Rumor]

we have collected the list of rumored camera List that may be announced on 2017 and 18

Pro-full frame camera


Fullframe-NEX-imageSony A5

Mid- Range full-frame camera

Nikon D900Nikon D900

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Rumor Update: Canon 5D Mark IV OR EOS 3D Coming with 4K video recording


From past 1 month we are saying about the possible 5D Mk IV announcement with 4K video recording and bunch of upgrade in core specification (see here and here), but recent rumors coming from different websites also confirmed the same thing, but there is confusion about the name yet.

Yes, there is a probability that that Canon may announce a

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Canon 3D is Still ALIVE?

Canon-EOS-3D-XAccording to latest rumors Canon will announce a High-End DSLR in upcoming months with a newly developed multilayer sensor that will also have phase AF pixels in it… so stay tuned for more upcoming updates and hope for the best

The rumor is coming from a new source so take it as grain of sugar.