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Camera Rumors

You are here to see the list of the cameras from different manufacturers. Right? List is too long but we have collected the cameras from the different rumor mils because the chances of those cameras to get announced in 2018 are very high.

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Have a look at the list of the Upcoming cameras!

Canon Upcoming Cameras

In 2017, Canon announced one of the most anticipated Canon 6D Mark II along with a few other cameras.

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Upcoming Mirrorless cameras 2018

Panasonic GH5 and Panasonic G9 (Recent announced MFT camera) have been a lot wonderful in terms of specifications and price as well. But it is their astonishing 4K video capability that leaves everyone stunned! On the other hand, Sony, which has captured some lengthy space in the field of mirrorless but Panasonic GH5 left everyone even high end DSLRs behind when the Topic is Video Performance. Well, Just like GH5 there would probably be a few cameras on the horizon and it looks like 2018 will be a massive

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Code names of the upcoming cameras Updated

It was greatly expecting that the Sony camera with Code name WW 940439 would be either A7III or A7S III (Back in September) , but eventually it came out as Sony A7R III. Once again Nokishita camera posted some unreleased cameras list (mainly updated), where you can see and know the upcoming products from Canon, Nikon, Sony etc. If

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Canon Upcoming Cameras 2018

We have already told you that Canon has almost covered its Major announcements for 2017. Cameras like , Canon SL2 (Canon 200D), Canon 800D were announced this year, but the long term anticipated, Canon 6D Mark II stole the spotlight. Right now Canon has no big announcement in its Roadmap for 2017 and we greatly

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List of unannounced cameras and their code name

A couple of days back we published a list of some unannounced cameras. Now Nokishita Japan also published the code name of not yet announced cameras, such as PowerShot G1 X Mark III with code name ” PowerShot G1 X Mark III” and Sony with “WW940439″ which would most probably be “Sony A7III“.


Canon has almost covered their major announcement, such

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Zenit returns back with new Full-Frame Mirrorless digital camera in 2018

Zenit – A Russian based Camera company is all set to release a new Full-Frame Mirrorless camera next year. As they said, the new mirrorless Digital camera will be available in two colors: Light and Dark. The camera will also be decorated with leather using high-quality finishing materials, “so that the camera has a decent perception in the market.”

Nikon D850 releasing date is 24th

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List of upcoming cameras code name

This is the list of some unannounced cameras that somewhere got announced at different wireless certificate agencies worldwide but still in the pipeline to get announced officially. Anticipated cameras like Canon 6D Mark II, Nikon D820/Nikon D850, Sony A7III, Olympus E-M10 III are on the list. However, we have already known some cameras’ code name, such as Canon EOS 6D Mark II

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What we expect from Sony, Canon and Nikon this Summer?

You might have very big expectations from the camera and lens makers in this summer. However, the summer is going on but there are so many cameras, such as Sony A7 III, Nikon D620, Canon 6D Mark II are desperately waiting to be announced very soon. On the other hands, we have written our predictions so many times on the upcoming cameras and lenses from Nikon, Canon, Sony and other manufacturers. Thankfully, there are a few cameras which have already been announced but it looks like the summer of 2017

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