Successor of Panasonic LX7 finally coming— Big Jump in core specs

panasonic-lumix-7When the first rumor hit the web related to Panasonic LX15 most of us were thinking it as the successor of Panasonic LX7, but after good frame of time rumor was changed and finally we got to know that LX15 is the successor of LX100. So, do you have any guess in your mind about the name of the LX7 successor? Probably you have, but we say Panasonic LX10 will be the successor of LX7. However, new rumor suggests that it could be the smaller version of LX100, anyway, let it be.

Before we go further, let us introduce you once again with Panasonic LX7. Panasonic LX7 is the compact camera announced back in 2012, means that the camera has been in the stock for over four years. Users have been waiting to get their hands on its successor for more than two years, but Panasonic is very late to give their attention on the development of Panasonic LX10, which we call the successor of LX7. Anyway, Panasonic LX7 employs 10.1MP MOS sensor with an improved S/N (signal-to-noise) ratio that produces stunning images with superb clarity and rich gradation and the best part is that the photographers who used this camera it don’t have any complaints regarding the image clarity. From lowlight to Macro photography everything will be easy with this baby camera.

Now let us focus on its successor­– Rumor circulating around Panasonic LX10 doesn’t mention anything about the resolution (we expect 20.8MP), but the camera comes with 1” sensor (giving a tough fight to its possible competitors like Sony RX100IV, Canon G7 X and more). The Fast f/1.4 lens results better lowlight output and shallow depth of field. Moreover, the best part that everyone should welcome is the camera’s rumored 4K feature. However, electronic view finder will not be implemented, but Focus stacking —advanced features that we saw in Olympus EM1 and in some of Sony, Nikon and Canon cameras.

In the end, if all the features above mentioned are implanted in Panasonic LX10, then it will be the big Jump in the core specifications and it also looks like there will be also be jump in the price too.

Via- Photorumors

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