Sony won’t sale Best Sensors to Third Party manufacturer !!!

Sony is widely known for its best and is one of the royal corporate in imaging solutions and the leading sensor developer will take some new steps to upscale their camera business. Yes! In an interview with Imaging Resource Mr. Kenji Tanaka and Mr. Yojiro Joe Asai from Sony shared some of their future ideas and strategies.

Sony won’t sale best sensors to third Party

This rumor was in its edge that Nikon is coming with 42 MP sensor camera (Nikon D820?), but now when Sony cleared that “No outsourcing of best Sony sensors” then what steps Nikon takes will really be interesting.

“The sensor is a custom [design, meaning that] only Sony can use these sensors, and our strength is our in-house technology.”x

Future major development strategy

Now we are focused on three essential factors. One is of course the resolution, and another is the sensitivity, and third is the speed. [For example] 20 frames per second and 30 frames per burst or 100 frames per second, everybody wants to [have] that kind of functionality, but I can’t say yes. Because they don’t know how to use this kind of technology, but if we can show the benefit for that, people [will] enjoy the new technology, I think.

APS-C or Fullframe

Sony acquired a miles and Furlong areas with their Fullframe camera business, so in this sense leading their business in which they are shining must be the accepted way to get commercial success. But thankfully, Sony along with the Full-Frame business don’t ignore the APS-C market as well.

“Full-frame is our primary area. But as you said, we don’t ignore the APS-C market, and we can also grow the APS-C market.”


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