Sony Will be Continuing with A-Mount series camera


A lot of photographers around the world were in a tense about the discontinuance of A- Mount series camera of Sony. But, in a recent interview with focus-numerique, Sony confirmed that their work will be continued with A- Mount series cameras.

Q: Sony appears to really push the E and FE mount with a very large range of cases and optics, including the Master G range. What is the future of the mount A?

A: We have two reasons to keep the frame A. The first is that the frame A has certain advantages over the E mount and, for now, we can not have all the same functionality between the frame A and E. The second reason is that we also have a large fleet of a and optical many customers that we can not give up. It is a promise to our customers.

 Now, recall the last year when Sony announced its last A-mount camera, Sony A77 II, the camera is widely popular among the worldwide photographers, which was announced approx two years ago and after that we didn’t see any major A-Mount announcement from Sony, and the worst part of the game is the Sony A99 update is still pending and photographers who owns A99 camera are moving towards Nikon, Canon and Sony E-Mount Full frame cameras that is Sony A7 series.

Via- Photorumors

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