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Honestly, there are innumerable photographers who are all set to invest on Sony cameras that are yet to come. Means some wait for such and such camera’s update to come, some wait for next Sony’s flagship etc. But what are Sony coming with in 2018 since the year is very close to begin? But Before the end of this year (2017) a very big camera from Sony is highly expected to come! A bottle full of rumors subjectively indicate that Sony may either announce Sony A7SIII or Sony A9S anytime soon. However, on the other hand, the roadmap of Sony is too lengthy since there are dozen of Mirrorless cameras consisted in the list but not every stuff would be announced in 2018 some will take even 2019 to get announcement work completed. By the way, we would pick those which have probably got the license apparently to be surfaced sometime in 2018.

Have a look at the list of the Sony’s Upcoming camera for 2018!

 Sony A7III


If you are really eager to invest on this upcoming Sony A7III then probably you are on the right camera. Yes! till now we have one big information regarding this anticipated camera is that Sony will make a “Mini A9” and that “Mini A9” will be Sony A7III! Because this long awaited camera would borrow some core features from Sony’s Flagship Sony A9.

Have a look at the rumored specs of the upcoming Sony A7III camera!

  • 24Mpx
  • 6fps with mechanical shutter
  • ISO up to 51200 (expanded to ISO 204800)
  • 693 phase detection AF (see here)
  • minimum focus sensitivity is EV-3
  • 4k 30p recording


Sony A7000

Sony-A6000Scarcity of rumor regarding Sony A7000, which will be the successor camera for current and highly popular Sony A6000. However, A6000 came in February, 2014 means two years over but its successor announcement is still pending. As we have already told you that Sony has bunch of cameras to announce but after looking at the rumors one can say that Sony would possibly release this camera in the next year. In the end, Rumors are constantly floating over the web, so let us wait and see which is going to be correct.

Honestly, it looks like Sony A7000 is not in the head of Sony, otherwise the announcement gone overdue!

Sony A7S III

All due to Sony A7S II‘s unparalleled lowlight capacity the cameras stands still in its position, but the swarms of rumors and some reliable information keep on coming and the A7S III has very massive chance to come this year.  Well, Suspense is that if A7S III is coming this year then Sony A9S will be due for announcement and we would greatly to see its announcement next year (2018). Why the next camera from Sony is going to be eye-catching? Because it was told that between Sony A7S III or Sony A9S one will be video dedicated camera that can out edge Panasonic GH5, which is best known for its invincible 4K capability in attractive price tag.

Sony RX5


So far the rumor we know about Sony RX5 is that it will have the same sensor, touchscreen and connectivity as of Sony A6500 and it will be APS-C sized fixed lens camera. As we expect when it is going to borrow most of the specs from Sony A6500 then it is fair to believe that it must have the same AF system as of Sony A6500 that is 4D FOCUS with 425 Phase-Detect Points. Moreover, it is rumored to use the RX1R II EVF, body and shutter as well, plus the upcoming camera may also integrate a 23mm f/1.8 lens and Image stabilization. Sony RX5 would still take time however we could expect its announcement somewhere in next year in Japan with the asking price more than $1000.

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