Sony medium format camera rumor

sony rumorAs we are approaching towards the Photokina,2016, a lots of rumors surfacing on the web and this time a rumor via SAR related to the Sony mirrorless medium format camera with 101MP resolution surfaced and unknown source  believed that Sony will announce the world’s first mirrorless medium format camera at Photokina. Such expectation showed in the extract-

A high ranking Sony distribution guy just told me not to be too fast going towards Hasselblad.  He hinted towards Sony releasing a medium format camera at Photokina together with a series of new lenses.  As the presentation of the Hasselblad I was pretty disappointed as 4K video did not work yet and the Phocus software couldn’t process the raw files right, it will take until June/July anyway to decide if this makes sense – so I will wait until Photokina.  There seems to be a good chance that we see the world’s first mirrorless medium format camera from Sony.

But as we know there is much possibility that the high-end Sony A99 II will be announced at the show , so there is a rare chance that Sony will announce a mirrorless  medium format camera with the new 101 Megapixel sensor at the same show at similar year, it can shadow the announcement Sony A99 II camera or vice-versa.

It is expected that Sony should have to release some medium format lenses along with the announcement of upcoming medium format camera.

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