Sony is in solid mirrorless sales figures in USA

the-Chart                                                      This chart shows industry trends vs prior year on the left, and Sony’s sales figures on the right. Cameras like the A6000 and A7 series have helped Sony significantly outperform the market

We know that Sony has its own trend in the imaging world, but this chart will show you how the Sony corporate is getting the perfume of selling the maximum number of interchangeable cameras from January to June 2015. It’s the A6000 and A7 series cameras that constantly help Sony to reach out to the climax with selling approx 42% within first half of 2015. SLRs conditions are still miserable and mirrorless camera has made its root strong and earned a peaceful gain with 12%.

The presentation included stats from market research firm NPD, stating that Sony has been the #1 mirrorless camera maker for the last four years running. As with everyone else, 2013 was pretty awful, but check out the numbers since then. For the first half of 2015, their ILC sales were up 42% over 2014. Let’s underscore that: 42 freakin’ percent growth, in a generally down market. 


Sony has shown an impressive ability to develop technology and innovate, and I guarantee that the results the DI division is turning in will translate into even more investment there going forward. I have no idea what’s coming next, but am confident that the next few years will see even greater advances than we’ve seen in the last few.

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