Sony Alpha A6000 vs. Sony NEX-7

The Sony Alpha A6000 features 24.3MP APS-C Exmor APS HD CMOS Sensor and BIONZ X Image Processor on the other hand Sony Alpha NEX-7 features 24 Mp APS-C Sensor and Bionz image processor, take a look at the Major Specification Below.

Sony Alpha A6000 vs. Sony NEX-7  1Major Difference

Sony Alpha A6000 vs. Sony NEX-7 Specification Comparison Table.

Sony Alpha A6000 vs. Sony NEX-7  3

Megapixel:  The Sony Alpha A6000 and NEX 7 doesn’t have any major difference in megapixel resolution.

Sensor size: Sony Alpha A6000 and Sony NEX-7 both camera have same sensor size, again no major difference here.

Image processor: Sony Alpha A6000 image processor is advance compared to Sony NEX-7, the new image processor is responsible for overall speed of the camera, Sony Alpha A6000 will also feature Fast AF speed, less shutter to shutter lag time and improved ISO range.

AF System: Sony Alpha A6000 features advance Phase + contrast based AF system,  the A6000 uses a Spatial Object Detection algorithm, the phase AF system quickly bring the subject into focus and finally the contrast based system fine-tune the sharpness for ensured accuracy.

on the other hand the Sony NEX-7 features contrast based system only. So Sony NEX-7  will do slower AF than Sony Alpha A6000.

Better low light performance – The Sony Alpha A6000 have more ISO range compared to Sony NEX-7, the Sony Alpha A6000 features more ISO range hence you get better low-light images at HIGH ISO range.

Shutter Min/Max: Sony Alpha A6000 and Sony NEX-7 both camera feature same Shutter Min/Max.

Top Continuous shooting speed: Sony Alpha A6000 features fast shooting speed compared to Sony NEX-7. +1 you Sony A6000 system also provides AF tracking when shooting up to 11 fps, No AF tracking available in NEX 7 while shooting at 10fps.

Sony Alpha A6000 vs. Sony NEX-7  2

Video: Sony Alpha A6000 and Sony NEX-7 both camera features full HD video recoding and same fps. But due to the introduction of PDAF sensor in Sony A6000 the camera will do fast AF in video mode compared to NEX 7 (contrast detect AF system based camera )

Battery Life (CIPA): Sony NEX-7 features more battery life compared to Sony Alpha A6000.

Dimensions: Sony NEX-7 is smaller than Sony Alpha A6000.

Weight: Sony Alpha A6000 lightweight than Sony NEX-7.

High ISO Test Between Sony Alpha A6000 vs. Sony NEX-7

Sony Alpha A6000 vs. Sony NEX-7 5

 Verdict: The Sony A6000 have many advance features, the HYBRID AF system uses phase + contrast AF system to quickly acquire AF, the ISO sensitivity is also more compared to NEX 7, as we can see above – at ISO 6400 the A6000 is showing more details compared to Sony NEX7.

We highly recommend you to buy Sony A6000.


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