Sony A7R II vs. Nikon D4s

Sony Alpha 7R II vs. Nikon D4s 1Sony Alpha 7R II and Nikon D4s are the two pro eminent cameras that could be used in honing your photography skills. As the Sony Alpha 7R II has aggressive resolution and distinctive AF system on the other sides Nikon D4s has invincible ISO. Let’s see all the specifications from details

Major Difference

Sony Alpha 7R II vs. Nikon D4s Specification Comparison Table.  

Sony Alpha 7R II vs. Nikon D4s 3


Megapixel-  Sony Alpha 7R II uses creative resolution that empowered 42 mp as well as the sensor that is much bigger and stronger and the best thing is that the high quality with great sharpness of the images will never let you feel tired of photography. However, the Nikon D4s also uses innovative sensor but much lower resolution so the sensitivity is high but the resolution is low as compared to the Sony Alpha 7R II.

Image stabilization- The 5 axis image stabilization means 5 axis steady shots packed within the image stabilization in  Sony Alpha 7R II to eliminate all the errors  that will arise due to camera shake and with the help of this you could be a good user of any lens when there will be no fear of images to be blurred but Nikon D4s is not implemented with image stabilization.

Low pass filter- The camera will more active and alive to capture the maximum details of the images along with much sharper when a camera has been built without using low pass filter and the same thing you will find in Sony Alpha 7R II the camera that didn’t have the low pass filter but on the other hand the Nikon D4s is just opposites that’s been built with low pass filter.

AF points- The using of 399 on-sensor phase-detect with 25 contrast-detect AF points by Sony Alpha 7R II that makes sure improvement in speed and accuracy and also let you to feel comfortable while tracking subjects.                                                                    Lock-on AF tracking is another feature of AF system that will keep your accuracy and stability of the subjects remain better but the Nikon D4s has only 51 AF points that is poor in compared with Sony Alpha 7R II.

ISO- If you like to take shots at night or in dimmer situation then nothing could be as worth as Nikon D4s that will help you to freeze the subjects easily. through this camera you can use ISO range from 100-25600 and that can be maximize upto 409600 as per need in variety of situations while you will have limit range of ISO that is upto 102400 in Sony Alpha 7R II.

Continuous shooting speed- 11 fps in Nikon D4s will have a great help in maintaining autofocus and auto-exposure metering that is enough to take approx 200 shots without missing any actions of the subjects but on the other hand you have only 5fps by using Sony Alpha 7R II.

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Video-  Ultra HD with 4K Video Recording in XAVC S Format at 30 or 24 fps by using Sony Alpha 7R II but you can record only full HD video of 1080p at 60fps if you use Nikon D4s.

Display- A 3.2″ 921k-dot LCD monitor on the rear sides of Nikon D4s for live view monitoring, image playback, and menu navigation.

VF- The images delivered by Nikon D4s will be much better clarity with much better dynamic range and quick view of actions that is lacking in EVF.

Battery life- You could make a huge collection of photos by using Nikon D4s that will be 3020 shots on the other hand Sony Alpha 7R II has very less that is 290 photos at a time.

Weight– Weight is an big issue for photographers, My two friend switched from Nikon to Sony due to the weight issue also, they don’t want to carry  approx 2 kg weight all the time.

High ISO Test Between Sony A7R II vs. Nikon D4s

Sony A7R II vs. Nikon D4s 5

Verdict: Based on specification comparison review we highly recommend you to buy the Sony A7R II camera, since the camera features much advance core specification compared to the Nikon D4s, but Nikon D4s have its upper hand in low-light performance and choice of lenses.

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