Sony Alpha 7 II vs. Nikon D810

Sony Alpha 7 II vs. Nikon D810 1

Take a look at the specification comparison review between the Sony A7 II camera and the Nikon D810 DSLR…

Major Difference

Sony Alpha 7 II vs. Nikon D810 Specification Comparison Table.  

Sony Alpha 7 II vs. Nikon D810 3


Megapixels: Both the cameras feature a full frame sensor but the D810 offers 36.3MP resolution while the A7 II offers 24.3MP resolution. The image created by the cameras will be of great quality and further processing would be available.

Image Stabilization: the Sony A7 II features a rare 5-axis image stabilization system that excellently minimizes the camera shake effect and delivers sharp images. The normal IS system reduces camera shake effect by addressing only horizontal and vertical movements of the camera. But the new 5 axis IS compensates with the blur caused by the motion of camera in any of the five directions horizontal shift, vertical shift, rotary motion, as well as the yaw and pitch. On the other hand no IS is featured on Nikon D810.

Lowpass filter: the D810 design eradicates the use of optical Low pass filter and hence delivers images with superior sharpness and clarity and the image even does not distort after processing. on the other hand the A7 II is designed with an Optical low pass filter.

AF system: The Sony A7 II features a hybrid AF system that offers on-chip phase detection AF points that works throughout the entire camera performance, on other hand the Nikon D750 doesn’t offers on chip AF points it has a different AF module and phase AF is active only when you are using view finder …whereas while using LCD display for monitoring the contrast detect AF points resulting in the slow AF performance. The A7 II offers a total of 117+25 AF points while the D810 offers 51 AF points.

ISO: the D810 has as better ISO range of 32-51200 that allows us to capture smooth and clear images at low ISO and while shooting in low lightning conditions the high ISO range delivers clear images.

Video: both the cameras allow the user to capture full HD 1080p videos up to 60fps.

Display: the D810 features a 3.2” LCD display for live time monitoring and playback while the A7 II features 3.0” LCD display.

WI-FI: the A7 II camera features WI-FI which enables wireless connection with any smartphone or tablet based on iOS or Android platform, for image sharing. The linked devices can also be used as a remote control for the camera and it also features NFC that allows it to connect to any device by just tapping both of them. On the other hand the D810 uses an external network interface card for the same.

Battery: A7 II can takes 340 shots in one battery cycle whereas D810 can take 1200 shots in one battery cycle.

Dimension: A7 II is smaller than D810.

Wight: A7 II weighs less than D810.

 Verdict: The Nikon D810 gives you super high-resolution with more ISO range and no-optical low pass filter will help you to capture super sharp images… the other major advantage is the FX line of lenses available with D810 ..but the Sony A7 II is affordable compared to D750 and will give you built-in 5 axis image stabilization system that works even when you are using third party lenses and gives you super fast AF performance due to its active Phase AF pixels inside the sensor…

If you want a megapixel monster than Nikon D810 is best choice for you Sony A7 II gives you excellent core specification under affordable price tag.

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