Sony A7 II vs. Canon 5D Mark III

Sony Alpha 7 II vs. Canon 5D Mark III 1

Sony A7 II features excellent fast on chip phase AF system on the other hand the Canon 5D Mark III uses external AF module that active only when you are using the viewfinder of the DSLR camera….. take a look at the more details below…

Major Difference

Sony Alpha 7 II vs. Canon 5D Mark III Specification Comparison Table. 

 Sony Alpha 7 II vs. Canon 5D Mark III 3

The Sony A7 II features a 5 axis IS system that significantly reduces the blur caused by the camera shake and it also features in-built Wi-Fi with NFC and its has a amazing on-chip AF system that offers brilliant AF with its 117+25 AF points. The 5D Mark III has an amazing ISO sensitivity range of 50-102400 and it also features a hybrid AF system with 61 AF points for quick and precise AF.

Megapixel: the A7 II features a full frame 24.3MP sensor that allows the user to get extra clear and detailed image that can be cropped or processed further. On the other hand the 5D Mark III features a full frame 22.3MP sensor that also produces good quality images but the quality is a tad low than that of A7 II.

Image stabilization: the new A7 II features a unique 5 axis image stabilization system that dramatically reduces the blur caused by cameras movement in any of the five directions horizontal shift, vertical shift, rotary motion, as well as the yaw and pitch and finally it delivers ultra sharp and clear image. On the other hand the 5D Mark III does not features any IS system.

AF system: Both the cameras feature a hybrid AF system that supports both the modes: contrast detect and phase detect.

In Canon 5D Mark III the contrast detect mode fine tunes the focused area while the phase detect mode enhances the AF speed, thus working together, these two AF modes ensures quick and precise AF over the subject. 5D Mark III features a newly developed 61 point AF system that constitutes 41 cross type AF points and 5 dual diagonal AF point. Additionally the camera has a dedicated AF menu tab that allows the user to quickly adjust the AF setting. Apart from the auto AF method the AF adjustment can be done in 5 different methods- spot, single spot, single +4 adjacent points, single +8 adjacent points, zone selection. The AF system of this camera is quite effective in different situations and is highly sensitive to light.

The limitation of 5D Mark IV is the Phase AF system is active only when you are using Viewfinder.

The Sony  A7 II features on board AF points the Camera AF system is super senstive and works very effectively when you are using Viewfinder, live view display unit or shooting videos… the phase AF system is always active.

The A7 II offers a total of 117+25 AF points and the 5D mark III offers a 61 AF points.

ISO: the 5D mark III has an excellent ISO sensitivity of 50-102400 that allows the user to capture either creamy images at low ISO or to capture clear images in low lightning conditions with its high ISO range. On the other hand the A7 II has a ISO range of 50-51200.

Shooting speed: the 5D Mark III can capture about 6 shots in a second while the A7 II can capture 5.

Sony Alpha 7 II vs. Canon 5D Mark III 2

Video: both the cameras can capture Full HD 1080p videos up to 60fps.

Display: on the rear side 5D Mark III offers 3.2” 1.4M DOT LCD display and the A7 II offers a 3.0” tilting LCD display that can be adjusted to high and low angles while shooting at different angles.

Wi-Fi: the A7 II camera features WI-FI which allows wireless connection with any iOS or Android Smartphone or tablet for image sharing. The linked devices can also be used for the wireless controlling of the camera and it also features NFC that allows it to connect to any device by just tapping both of them. On the other hand the 5D Mark III uses an external network interface card for the same.

Battery: A7 II can takes 340 shots in one battery cycle whereas 5D Mark III can take 950 shots in one battery cycle.

Dimension: A7 II is smaller than 5D Mark III.

Wight: A7 II weighs less than 5D Mark III.

High ISO Test Between Sony A7 II vs. Canon 5D Mark III

Sony A7 II vs. Canon 5D Mark III 5

Verdict: The Canon 5D Mark III is waiting for its replacement on the other hand the Sony A7 II features advance hybrid AF system and built-in 5 axis image stabilization system.. so at the end we recommend you to go with the Canon 5D Mark III camera.

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