Sony A99 II vs Canon 5D Mark IV High ISO Test


sony-a99-iiSony A99 II has been the groundbreaking camera from Sony that boasts extraordinary Back-Illuminated Full-Frame Image Sensor and high-speed, high-precision Hybrid Phase Detection AF, AF/AE tracking in 12fps continuous shooting. But you should know about its performance during lowlight, so let’s see high ISO test of Sony A99 II against Canon 5D Mark IV.

You can click here to see the specs comparison between Sony A99 II and Canon 5D Mark IV. But now, it will be more exciting to see the ISO performance of both cameras at their base ISO and at the maximum level as well.

high-iso-testISO 100: Sony A99 II (left) vs. Canon 5D Mark IV (right)

high-iso-test-2ISO 6400: Sony A99 II (left) vs. Canon 5D Mark IV (right)

You can see in the image 1 means at base ISO (100) both the cameras capture equally sharp images . However, Sony A99 II snapped image looks bit noisy but doesn’t miss the details. On the other hand, Canon 5D Mark IV snapped lesser noise image, but can’t grab detailed portion of the subject as Sony A99 II.

Now in Image 2- When both the cameras use ISO level of 6400… again Sony A99 II shows great details in the images, but can’t get rid of noise. Infact, Canon 5D Mark IV is not grabbing such details but at the same time noise is also very minimum. Actually, Canon 5D Mark IV doesn’t have the ISO problem, but the resolution creates major difference to deliver sharp images at high ISO level. Sony A99 II integrates 42.4-megapixel full-frame sensor, whereas Canon 5D Mark IV sports 30.4 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor.


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