Sony A99 II Rain Cover

sony-a99-iiIf I know my camera is weather sealed, then should I keep on shooting even in raining conditions (will we have to face any issue)? The similar question is being asked by the photographers many times, why? Because, photographers don’t want to take any kind of risk with their thousand dollars camera, like Sony A99 II (?)

Yes, Sony A99 II is massive A-Mount camera with glorious specifications and however, the camera has weather sealed body, but still the owners of A99 II is very curious to know some of the best rain covers for their beloved camera. Well, you have many options for these rain covers available around in different price ranges, but we will tell you the best and give you maximum protection to your Sony A99 II…


Product Name

Editors pick

LensCoat RainCoat RS (Rain Sleeve)

Best Rain sleeve for Sony A99 II LensCoat LensHide Photo Blind (Realtree Max-4)
Most Affordable Rain Sleeve OP/TECH USA 18″ Rainsleeve

Editors pick

LensCoat RainCoat RS (Rain Sleeve)

rain-cover-2This will be strong protection to your Sony A99 II camera and the lens you mount on it from the elements like rain, snow, salt spray, dirt, sand and dust. Even after covering the camera body with this rain sleeve, you can access the camera effortlessly, plus the RS can cover camera body and lens up to 15″. The Rain coat is constructed with Lightweight waterproof and breathable quiet material. A cinch straps integrated on the rain sleeve allows you to adjust the length of the cover and to keep it comfortable around your lens. However, the users can access the camera through the rear opening of this rain sleeve and lens through the hook & loop bottom closure.

 Best Rain sleeve for Sony A99 II

LensCoat LensHide Photo Blind (Realtree Max-4)-


We are not kidding! This Lens coat can cover even you also along with your precious Sony A99 II body, lens and tripod. Made from lightweight, breathable camouflage material and one of the biggest advantages that let you to spare your money even without thinking twice that it integrates a large camo mesh-screen, which allows you to keep your vision remain on the desire subjects while you are covered. Also, the LensHide rain coat also lets you to Quick and easy adjustment to your gear. Moreover, a Velcro closure on the back of the head keeps the LensHide remains steady. An Elastic Cinch strap secures the LensHide to your lens. And you can easily use the external flash through a Velcro sealed top slot. For cosy portability, the rain sleeve has its own storage where you can fold the Lenshide and carry it with you wherever you go its weight is 2.5lbs and height 77 x 68″ / 195.5 x 172.7 cm.

Most Affordable Rain Sleeve

 OP/TECH USA 18″ Rainsleeve-

rain-cover-1Looking at the simple price tag many of you may have some doubtful thoughts in you mind if this recommended rainsleeve will really worth to Sony A99 II. We are not very sure if the Sony A99 II users would go for this rain sleeve or not since A99 II is high-end A-mount camera, but still we will strongly recommend you to go for this if you are looking for an affordable option OP/TECH USA 18″ Rainsleeve. Most of the time photographers go outside for shooting and the rain sleeve is must-have accessory for enthusiast outdoor photographers and if you know how to fold it well then your pocket is sufficient place for this beautiful rain sleeve. This transparent rain-sleeve will let you to see all camera and lens controls and you can access comfortably. Once again this rain sleeve is recommended to those who want something small and light that fits in their camera backpack effortlessly.

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