Sony A9 – The new Champion in Sports Photography

Even in the DXOMARK test, Sony A9 succeeded to score more than its contemporaries: Nikon D5 and Canon 1DX Mark II. Yes, DXOMARK took Sony A9 to their testing center and tested it. The best part is that Sony A9 performed astoundingly at base ISO, dynamic range and color depth, and exceptional results for noise. Compared to the Canon’s and Nikon’s top sports and actions cameras available out there, Sony A9 also produce excellent quality images.

Look at the overall score of Sony A9: 92, which is more than that of its its rivals 1DX Mark II and Nikon D5. However, if there s any camera in the market that beats Sony A9 is terms of image quality, color and in few others are then it is only Sony A7R II. However, Sony A7R II is not a sports camera so its comparison doesn’t make sense.

Dxomark Conclusion:

To help facilitate the super-fast performance, the a9 has taken a step back from the monster resolution of the A7R II, but its 24.4Mp chip should suffice for most, and overall its image quality is outstanding.

The Sony a9’s sensor ranks as one of the best we’ve tested at base ISO, with consistently good scores for dynamic range and color depth, and exceptional results for noise. At those crucial mid to high ISO sensitivities for action photographers, image quality is also excellent and on par with flagship Nikon and Canon sports DSLRs.

For the very best image quality, the A7R II offers better results for color, as well as almost twice the sensor resolution, but it isn’t a sports camera and can’t compete for performance against the a9, so they’re intended for different markets.

With a big body-only price tag of $4,500, the Sony a9 is squarely in the pro category, going head-to-head with the top-end Canon and Nikon DSLRs. With many pros already heavily invested in lenses and accessories for those systems, it’s going to be a tricky (not to mention expensive) to switch, but the Sony a9 has both the performance capabilities and image quality that make it a seriously tempting proposition.

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