Sony A9 – Review and Recommendation

Sony A9 – One of the most awaited Digital cameras we all were waiting eagerly has now been announced. With this announcement Sony almost created a new era of digital cameras that give you sky level experience while shooting, packing incredible specs like 20 FPS continuous shooting speed with no blackout, massive 693 AF points, 24 MP stacked CMOS sensor, 4K video recording and more. The E-mount camera’s top class specs outperforms numbers of top rank holders DSLR cameras effortlessly with its sturdy and unsurpassed specifications.

As usual, we have done all our comparisons of Sony A9 with its possible competitors here is just the glimpse of those comparisons.

Cameras  Comparisons
Canon 1DX Mark II

Sony A9 is totally a professional level camera and it worth every penny you splurged on buying it. Don’t stop or think further if you have already decided to go for it then we must must you are going to see miracle in the photography with Sony A9. Packs sky-level specs and its AF points… Really Massive! On the other side, the price of Canon 1DX Mark II is much more than Sony A9 but doesn’t emulate it, apparently.

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Nikon D5

Sony A9 is giving an excellent reason to professional photographers around the globe to switch their systems (Either they belong to Nikon or Canon) to A9 Mirrorless camera. Since this marvelous Sony A9 offers you all the awesome features that you want to see in any professional level camera and the most innovative part is its unassailable capacity to shoot at 20 frames per second with no blackout. Frankly, Sony A9 almost eats Nikon D5’s lunch but it is the ISO range where Nikon D5 still holds it position.

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Sony A7R II

Sony A9 is massive E-Mount camera that astonishingly surpasses many high-end DSLR cameras of the present time, featuring almost everything that a professional shooter needs, such as incredible 693 AF points, Continuous shooting speed with no blackout etc. And if you are in mind to buy one single camera between these two and also you have no problem to extend your budget then we must say Sony A9 is the camera you should pick.

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Sony A99 II

The vastly superior Sony A9 has got all the  specifications that a professional level photographers have prayed for. 693 AF points, 20 fps continuous shooting with no blackout, faster shutter speed etc. However, the price of Sony A9 is comparatively higher than that of Sony A99 II, but will be worth purchasing it.

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Canon 5D Mark IV

Sony A9 doesn’t give any vacant space to Canon 5D Mark IV. However, the price of Sony A9 is quite more than that of 5D Mark IV but packs all the features that a professional photographer desires. You should go with Sony A9 to feel new kinda experience in photography.

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