Sony A9 renders heavy details at high ISO beating its contemporaries Nikon D5 and Canon 1DX Mark II

Sony A9 image

One after another a lot of reviews of Sony A9 are coming into light. Last time we show you the ISO comparison of Sony A9 with its own family member, Sony A7R II, where Sony A7R II quite impressed us with its brilliant lowlight performance that slightly beats Sony A9 as well. Now we have one another ISO comparison of Sony A9 with its humongous and gargantuan competitors available in the Market: Canon 1DX Mark II and Nikon D5. Thankfully, Sony A9 is ahead of these both high-end professional DSLR cameras.

From the tests done by Focus numerique, it is cleared that upto ISO level of 12800, Nikon D5 has been the stunning performer, but still Sony A9 renders great details. Unfortunately, when ISO Jumps to the 25600 (professionals shooters usually use this range), Sony A9 defying both Nikon D5 as well as Canon 1DX Mark II. Ultimately, all these three sports cameras are capturing great image quality below 3200, but when they are increasing the ISO value, Canon 1DX Mark II has been outperformed by  these two cameras: Nikon D5 and Sony A9. Sony A9 because its extraordinary ability to render maximum details even at high ISO, whereas Nikon D5 with better management of granulation.

Have a look at the images here:

At ISO 3200


At ISO 6400


At ISO 12800


At ISO 25600


“The three boxes deliver excellent image quality below ISO 3,200. As for higher values, the Canon 1D X Mark II is outdistanced by its two competitors, with better management of granulation for the D5 and a better rendering of the details at Sony. The Nikon D5 plays elbow to elbow with the new A9 in terms of the mouton – the latter remains rather thin up to 25 600 ISO. The additional 4 Mpx of the A9 and a smoother less aggressive smoothing thus allow the Sony case to better render details at all ISO sensitivities. Note however that the differences are not obvious and that the gain is certainly visible, but finally light enough. On the verge of ISO sensitivity, Sony gets up and outstands the tenors of the moment. But the management of electronic noise is only “


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