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Though, we know that Sony A9 is Magnesium-alloy body design, making the camera lightweight and durable, and also weather-sealed for use in trying environmental conditions. But still there are many often we see despite of weather resistance camera it doesn’t protect itself from rain and ultimately get affected, resulting in technical issues in camera. So we decided to recommend you some of the best rain covers for your newly and beloved CSony A9  that can protect you camera from every side and lets you shooting even when the unfavorable raining conditions.

 Most affordable Raincover

OP/TECH USA – 18″ Rainsleeve (Set of 2)


This OP/TECH USA – 18″ Rainsleeve comes in very cheaper rate but is very sturdy that protects your camera from any unexpected outcome of rain. Compact design of the Optech rainsleeve fits easily in a bag or pocket, so that the avid outdoor photographers can carry it comfortably wherever they go for shooting. All camera and lens controls are easily seen and operated through the Rainsleeve. Moreover, it features a unique eyepiece opening that is suitable to camera viewfinders, allowing composition of shots through the camera’s lens, not through the plastic.

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LensCoat RainCoat RS (Rain Sleeve)

rain-cover-2If you want to splurge little more cash on buying best raincover that can strongly protect your lovable Sony A9 then we will strongly recommend you to go for this solid piece called LensCoat RainCoat RS (Rain Sleeve). Interestingly, Along with the camera this wonderful rainsleeve also lets you cover the lens you mount on it from the elements like rain, snow, salt spray, dirt, sand and dust. One big advantage you would probably not find in any other rain cover is that it lets you you access the camera effortlessly even after covering the camera body with this rain sleeve, plus the RS can cover camera body and lens up to 15″. The Rain coat is constructed with Lightweight waterproof and breathable quiet material. A cinch straps integrated on the rain sleeve allows you to adjust the length of the cover and to keep it comfortable around your lens. However, the users can access the camera through the rear opening of this rain sleeve and lens through the hook & loop bottom closure.

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Best Rain sleeve for Sony A9

LensCoat LensHide Photo Blind (Realtree Max-4)


If you forger to carry rain coat with you then no problem! because this massive LensCoat LensHide Photo Blind can cover even you also along with your precious Sony A9 body, lens and tripod (We are not kidding!). Made from lightweight, breathable camouflage material. Going further, one big advantage of this raincover is that it lets you keep your vision remain on the desire subjects while you are covered since the cover implements a large camo mesh-screen, which  Also, the LensHide rain coat also lets you to Quick and easy adjustment to your gear. Moreover, a Velcro closure on the back of the head keeps the LensHide remains steady. An Elastic Cinch strap secures the LensHide to your lens. And you can easily use the external flash through a Velcro sealed top slot. For cosy portability, the rain sleeve has its own storage where you can fold the Lenshide and carry it with you wherever you go its weight is 2.5lbs and height 77 x 68″ / 195.5 x 172.7 cm.

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