Sony A7R III – Review and Recommendation

Sony A7R III is Full-Frame Mirrorless camera sports 42.4 MP BIS resolution with Bionz X image processing engine that can capture tack sharp images with outstanding clarity even in lowlight. It boasts the sturdy AF system that is technically the best since it offers 399 Phase detection AF points and 425 contrast AF points to ensure you lightning fast focusing of the target subjects. With 10 fps shooting the actions of the subjects will be easier done and its 4K recording capability makes the camera an outstanding piece that gives truly impeccable imaging results.

Sony A7R III has several competitors around the market that we think the users must want to see the specifications comparisons of this new Sony camera with all its competing DSLRs and Mirrorless.​



Verdict– Sony A7R III gently supersedes Sony A7R II and in contrast with Nikon D850, the Sony A7R III left a mark. Its AF system are just tremendous plus it engineers 5-axis I.S. To be true, A7R III and D850 comes to a nail biting end, but both are professional level cameras and probably in AF terms, Nikon D850 looks inferior but it covers different areas incredibly. So you have give yourself a solid timing of decision so that you can invest on one camera between these two. But before that you can wait for practical comparison to invest on.

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Verdict – One is Mirrorless and other is DSLR. But Sony A7R III all due to its Jaw Dropping specifications leave everyone stunned! Sony A7R III with insane AF system and High resolution is a great option for the photographers who don’t want any argument for image quality. Canon 5D Mark IV is for those who needs an all-rounder camera that can cover every section of photography in Equivalent number.

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Verdict – Both A7R III as well as A7R II comes with almost similar specifications, but somewhere due to maximum burst rate and and AF points Sony A7R III raises strong. However, if you want a slim upgrade from Sony A7R II then Sony A7R III is phenomenal!

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Verdict – Around $1300 more you have to invest to get Flagship Sony A9, but the camera worth each penny since it offers some unparalleled specifications, such as remarkable AF system, burst rate and a few more. Sony A7R III is measured as one of the best high-end professional cameras in terms of specifications and it is a solid upgrade over A7R II. So, Sony A9 is the camera for Sports, peak action, wedding, event and photojournalism etc. Sony A7R III can be the camera for the photographers having no compromise in image quality. Probably the camera is not at all good for sports photography.

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Verdict – You can say Sony has dedicated AF system in Sony A7R III for fast focusing and tracking performance. Fuji is recommended for the landscape and portrait photographers, whereas Sony is for those who want mirrorless camera for sports photography with 4K option. Whereas, the base ISO of Fuji GFX50 S might go better, all due to its enormous size sensor, means along with sharpness and clarity the images will also not miss even tiny details of the desired subjects,  However, the price of Sony is comparatively lesser than Fuji, the massive factor!

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Verdict – Sony A7R III is high end Full Frame professional camera that costs you more than the entry-level APSC mirrorless a6500. Meanwhile, A7R III can take sharp images, it has best images sensor so we could expect incredible 4K video quality. In a short, the camera can do several things in photography. On the other hand, Sony A6500 though looks inferior but it is a solid competitor of DSLRs and other mirrorless cameras that fall in its range.

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