Sony A7R III gets 100 Points in DXO test


After Nikon D850, Sony A7R III has also entered in to the 100 points club at DXOMark test. Yes, recently the newly announced high resolution Full Frame Sony A7R III was tested at DXOMark and in every field whether in Portrait, Landscape or sports the camera performed remarkably well. Hence DXOMark happily gives it “100/100”.

Its big rival in the current time market is Nikon 850 and in the DXO test this Nikon DSLR performs comparatively well while shooting in low sensitivity means the D850 is taking lead in Portrait ( color depth) and Landscape (Dynamic range), but Sony A7R III blooms excellently in those section  while increasing the ISO range.

DXO Conclusion:

It’s clear that the Sony A7R III has a high-performing sensor that’s capable of capturing images with a broad range of color and tone, while keeping noise well under control.

However, comparing the A7R III sensor to the Nikon D850’s reveals the advantage that the Nikon camera’s lower minimum sensitivity (ISO) value brings. Photographers who predominantly shoot in bright light or capture motionless subjects with the camera on a tripod will record the most information, be it color, tone, or detail with the Nikon D850 set to ISO 32. However, if they require values above that, the Sony A7R III sensor produces marginally better images.

Sony’s in-body 5-axis image stabilization system is widely respected, and if it achieves the 5.5 EV shutter speed compensation in the A7R III that the company claims, it would enable the camera to capture images at ISO 100 instead of at ISO 3200 (provided the subject is stationary).

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