“Sony A7R III couldn’t rid of Star eater issue” – DPReview

It looks like Sony has no remedy measures for star eater issue that has been stick to its Alpha series cameras from the very first moment it was announced. A couple of days ago based on the Drew Geraci (A renowned photographer) we came to the point that Sony A7R III finally succeeded to get rid of its dizzy star eater issue while doing astrophotography. But when A7R III was tested by the engineers and photographers of DPReview they clearly stated that ” At a 3.2-second exposure, the ‘spacial filtering’ (Star Eater) is mild to non-existent: noise (in dB) is similar at all frequencies, so your stars shouldn’t be affected“.  But as soon as you hit 4-seconds, spacial filtering kicks in, which you see here as a drop in noise (in dB) at the highest frequencies (the right side of the graph, where 0.5 f / fs is the Nyquist limit). That means the smallest details have noise reduction applied to them, causing similar Star Eater problems that were seen in the a7R II”

Look at the graph you can see that at 3.2 s star eater issue is almost nowhere, but in the second graph

But when the photographer hit 4 sec the obtrusive star eater issue comes to visible.

In the end, Sony A7R III, a high resolution Mirrorless camera was announced with great noise and  overall the camera is remarkably superb but somewhere it inborn star eater issue is the reason that nags the camera to acquire some more penny points.


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