Sony A77II vs. Nikon D7100

The Sony A77 II is a recently announced camera and features advance core specification, the Nikon D7100 is a high end DSLR from Nikon… how they perform in front of each other

Sony a77II vs. Nikon D7100 1Major Difference

Sony a77II vs. Nikon D7100 Specification Comparison Table.   

Sony a77II vs. Nikon D7100 3

Megapixel:  The Sony a77II features more resolution compared to Nikon D7100, so you will get a option to re-compose /crop your images after shooting.

The NO-OLPF benefit – Nikon D7100 built without low-pass filter and Sony a77II have, we will sure see improvement in sharpness performance when compared to 100%. 

More AF Points: Sony a77II Fast Hybrid AF system uses a total of 79, so we have no doubt that Sony a77II will do more quick and precise AF than Nikon D7100.

Better low light performance – The Sony a77II have more ISO range compared to Nikon D7100, tbut the Sony have fixed mirror technology inside that will effect the image quality at high ISO mode.

Top Continuous shooting speed: Sony a77II features fast shooting speed compared to Nikon D7100.

Video Mode: Sony a77II features full HD video recording @ 60 and 34 fps frame rate and  Nikon D7100 features full HD video recording @ 60 and 50 fps frame rate.


Sony a77II vs. Nikon D7100 2

Sony a77II features 3″ Rear Screen Swivel  LCD (1,228,800)(screen dots)  on the other hand Nikon D7100 have fixed display with +1,229,000 Screen dots, so we get more flexibility while composing our shot with Sony a77II .

Viewfinder: Nikon D7100 features Pentamirror viewfinder on the other hand Sony a77II have EVF @ 100%,

Wireless:  Sony features built in WiFi and NFC connectivity, so you get better sharing option than Nikon D7100.

Battery Life (CIPA): Nikon D7100 battery rating is 950 shots and other hand Sony a77II battery rating is 480 shots. According to CIPA.

Dimensions: Nikon D7100 is smaller than Sony a77II.

Weight: Sony a77II lighter than Nikon D7100.

High ISO Test Between Sony a77II vs. Nikon D7100 

Sony a77II vs. Nikon D7100 5High ISO Test analysis: Nikon D7100 showing better color and  details compared to A77 II camera. The red hue in A77 II increases with ISO.

 Verdict: The Sony A77 II features advance AF specification and blazing fast AF speed, but Nikon D7100 is showing but better image output in the HIGH ISO TEST, finally we recommend you to go with Nikon D7100 and for sports shooter we recommend you to go with Sony A77 II.

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