Sony A68

Sony A68 is really an uncompromising camera that features remarkable 4D FOCUS for fast, accurate tracking autofocus with 79 number of AF points. The users of this camera can record Full HD movies that uses the valuable XAVC Sv format for high bit rate recordings at up to 50 Mbps with fine detail and low noise. The camera can also able to offer wide ISO 100-25600 sensitivity range etc…


Here you can read all the comparisons of Sony A68 with their tough competitors around the market

Camera Verdicts

Samsung NX1Samsung Nx1

 Looking at the above comparison Samsung NX1 is getting the upper hand because, if you look the overall comparison the one thing is much clear, Sony A68 is not a good competitor of Samsung Nx1. From sensor to video, Samsung is outperforming at every chief specification of  Sony A68.

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 Canon EOS 70DCanon 70D

 Sony A68 has got some exceptional specifications and the main one within this A68 is the incredible AF system as well as  due to high resolution the users can keep the larger printouts in their kit bag. So, Sony A68 is sturdy camera for aspiring enthusiast photographers.

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 Nikon-D7200-front      Nikon D7200

 Except AF system the Sony A68 has shown some so- so specifications like image stabilization, and continuous shooting speed, but the Nikon D7200 can give you the sharper images, also offers you to shoot better at lowlight situations, shutter speed is also faster in compared to Sony A68, for sharing images and videos the D7200 has built in WiFi with NFC etc. So you can easily decide which camera will be better to pick.

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 760D     Canon 760D

 The most attracting and must demanding specifications of the Sony A68 are its AF system and continuous shooting speed, which are creating a positive impression among the photographers. So looking at the overall comparison our conclusion is, if you spare your savings on Sony A68, then you will not be duped and can enjoy the photography too.

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 Canon-EOS-M10 Canon Eos M10

 Sony A68 is highly acclaimed camera that can give you high quality images, AF system is also superior, so looking at the overall comparison, we would recommend you to buy Sony A68 camera.

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Nikon D5500  Nikon D5500

 Well, hope the comparison must not leave you with any confusion, as you can see everything is so clear, Sony 68 registered a couple of master specifications like brilliant AF system as well the built in image stabilization that confirms that the camera can surely give you an unexpected result during your photography.

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 Fujifilm X-T1  Fujifilm X-t1

  You have seen a lot of major specifications are matching to each other but due to incredible AF system of Sony A68, the camera is getting more points. So, you can easily decide which camera can fit you more…

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 Canon EOS 7D Mark IICanon 7D mark II

 Canon 7D mark II will be the recommended camera because the camera is using some incredible specifications like high ISO range, faster shutter speed etc, continuous shooting speed is also more compared to Sony A68. If you looked at the table you then you must have seen the sensor size of Canon 7D mark II is a bit smaller than that of Sony A68, which ensures the image quality will also be up to the mark. Well, the only bigger thing of Sony A68 is its 79 AF points.

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