Sony A6500 vs. Fuji X-T2


Sony A6500 features new sensor, DRAM chip and front-end LSI to improve the image quality, video performance as well as the operating speed of the camera whereas the Fuji X-T2 comes with X-Trans sensor and without OPLF. Our guide will help you to select you desired camera based your need and budget.

Features/ Models Sony A6500 Fuji X-T2
Megapixel 24 megapixels 24 megapixel
Sensor size APS-C (23.5 x 15.7 mm) APS-C (23.6 x 15.6 mm)
Image processor Bionz X X Processor Pro
AF system Hybrid Hybrid
AF points Phase Detection: 425
Contrast Detection: 169
325 AF points
ISO 100-51200 100-51200
Shutter speed Mechanical : 30 – 1/4000 second
Electronic: 30 – 1/32000 second
Mechanical: 30 – 1/8000 second
Electronic: 30 – 1/32000 second
Image Stabilization 5-axis image stabilization (Still + Video) No
Continuous shooting speed Up to 11 fps at 24.2 MP for up to 301 frames in JPEG format
/ 107 frames in raw format
Video 4K @ 30 fps 4K @ 30 fps
Display 3.0″ 921.6k-Dot Tilting Touchscreen LCD 3.0-inch large, approx.1040K-dot high resolution
Hot shoe Yes Yes
Wireless Built-In + NFC WiFi + NFC
Environmentally sealed Yes Yes
Battery life 350 Shots 340 shots
Dimensions 120 x 67 x 53 mm 120.0 x 66.9 x 48.8 mm
Weight 453 g 426 g

Both the cameras Sony A6500 and FujiX-T2 feature the same resolution of 24megapixels, similar ISO, same senor size but doesn’t have same AF system

The Sony usually features Hybrid AF system whereas Fuji features X-Trans AF system. Before we start to talk anything related to both the camera we must know that due to the use of X-Trans architecture the Fuji camera doesn’t have any low pass filter whereas the A6500 is new and Sony isn’t very clear about the type of low pass filter used inside the camera (normal, weak or customized). BTW, Since both camera have same resolution and Fuji doesn’t have any low pass filter then we will sure get sharp images from Fuji X-T2

Now we talk about the differences between both the cameras which are the key factors for the camera and play an important role to make the camera superior among the comparative rival.

AF System:- Sony A6500 comes with 425 phase-detection AF points and 169 contrast detection points while FujiX-T2 features 325 AF points. Also Sony A6500 comes with 4D FOCUS system, which can lock focus on a subject in short period of 0.05 seconds, which is the world’s fastest AF acquisition time.

So, it is clearly Sony A6500 provides dense and wider AF point coverage and can track the subject in full frame 3even in less period of time with sharpness and accuracy compare to FujiX-T2. Also the high-density Tracking AF Technology of Sony A6500 makes it a better performer compare to FujiX-T2.

Shutter Speed:- The Sony A6500 offers a Mechanical shutter speed of 1/4000 while the Fuji X-T2 comes with mechanical shutter speed of 1/8000 sec. But both the cameras have Electronic shutter speed of 1/32000. Hence, the camera Fuji X-T2 helps to freeze the fast action subjects completely compare to Sony A6500.

Image Stabilization:– The Sony A6500 features 5-axis image stabilization, since it is the first time that the company has implemented such advanced technology in the Sony APS-C sensor mirrorless camera. The advanced 5- axis system provides a shutter speed advantage of 5 stops and makes the camera to capture smoothly by passing the camera shake even in challenging lightening conditions. While it is absent in the camera Fuji X-T2.

Continuous Shooting Speed:- The Sony A6500 provides Continuous Shooting Speed Up to 11 fps at 24.2 MP for up to 301 frames in JPEG format, while the Fuji X-T2 comes with a slower speed of 8fps. Hence undoubtedly Sony A6500 will capture the fast moving subjects with high-speed more comfortably compare to Fuji X-T2.

Video:- Both the cameras Sony A6500 and FujiX-T2 features 4K video recording at 30fps but Sony A6500 offers Touch screen display compare to FujiX-T2.

Conclusion:  We recommend you Sony A6500 over the Fuji X-T2 camera since the A6500 more affordable and features advance AF system, built-in image stabilization system and extensive buffer to support 301 JPEG files in a single burst.

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