Sony A5100 vs. Sony A6000

We have done a brief comparison between the recently announced A5100 camera and the A6000 camera, more or less they both carry the same core specification.. take a look at the details below

Sony A5100 vs. Sony A6000 2 (2)Major Difference

Sony A5100 vs. Sony A6000 Specification Comparison Table. 

Sony A5100 vs. Sony A6000 3 

Top Continuous shooting speed: Sony A6000 features fast shooting speed (11fps vs. 6fps) compared to Sony A5100.

Sony A5100 Video Mode: Sony A6000 features full HD video recording @ 60fps frame rate.

Sony A5100 supported Format: The A51000 is capable to record videos in high-quality 50 Mbps XAVC S codec as well as web ready AVCHD codec

Sony A6000 Video Mode: Sony A6000 features full HD video recording @ 60fps frame rate.

Supported formats: Sony A6000 limited to AVCHD codec only (web ready)

Display: Sony A5100 features bigger and high resolution display compared to Sony A6000.

Or Sony A5100 features 3″ Rear Screen tilting and touch screen on the other hand Sony A6000 have 3″ Rear screen wide-screen tilting  with +9,21,600 Screen dots, so we get more flexibility while composing our shot with Sony A5100.

Sony A5100 vs. Sony A6000 2 (1)

Viewfinder: No EVF available in Sony A5100, but Sony A6000 does have built-in EVF.

Battery Life (CIPA): Sony A6000 battery rating is 420 shots and other hand Sony A5100 battery rating is 400 shots. According to CIPA.

Dimensions: Sony A5100 is smaller than Sony A6000.

Weight: Sony A5100 light-weight than Sony A6000.

High ISO Test Between Sony A5100 vs. Sony A6000

Sony A5100 vs. Sony A6000 5

 Verdict: Both the camera features almost same core specification,  we recommend you to go with Sony A5100 camera.

5 comments to Sony A5100 vs. Sony A6000

  • A5100: Instant sharing via smartphone with Wi-Fi® and NFC. But i prefer a6000 with viewfinder and 11fps 🙂

  • William Vargas

    Two errors in table. A5100 does not have a hotshoe but you indicate it does. A5100 has Wifi/NFC but you indicate It doesn’t .

  • Charlie

    It is very surprising that someone who is not a photography novice would recommend A5100. Even the P&S small sensor RX100 has a mode dial on top. Samsung NX3000 which is almost same as A5100 has it also. On the other hand, A5100 seems to be designed for the people who are accustomed to smart phone’s default camera – that is, really just point and touch the screen. If you are beyond that level, and want to quickly change from Aperture Priority to Shutter P, or to Manual, this camera is a nightmare. You have to go through menus and small buttons. Actually, that is what I do when I use Samsung Note 2’s default camera. Oh, talking about Manual mode… well… what a pity…
    I would recommend this camera to the people who are within the level of smart phone camera – who will never look further than point and touch, and who do not need the promptness of changing modes quickly ( or for better description, for the people who would ask, “what the heck is mode dial anyway?”

    • admin

      We welcome your view charlie, but today entry level shooter have a habit of using smartphone camera and setting its controls via touch panel… on the other hand the image quality will remains same as both camera share same sensor.

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