Sony A5100 vs. Olympus E-PL7

Sony A5100 and the E-PL7 both are entry level mirrorless camera announced few days ago, the Sony A5100 features same sensor as of Sony A6000 … plus the sensor size of the A5100 is just double of the M4/3 sensor used in the E-PL7 camera so you wiull sure get better dynamic dynamic range and low light performance with the A51000….the other major advantgae is the PDAF sensopr of A5100.. that uses boith the contrast and phase AF method… and E-PL7 uses c0ntrast based method…

Sony A5100 vs. Olympus E-PL7 1

Major Difference

Sony A5100 vs. Olympus E-PL7 Specification Comparison Table.   

Sony A5100 vs. Olympus E-PL7 3

Megapixel:  The Sony A5100 features more resolution compared to Olympus E-PL7, more resolution gives you ability to recompose your images and also to grab out high-quality print-outs.


Sensor Size:  Sony A5100 have bigger sensor size compared to Olympus E-PL7, bigger sensors captures more light and have better color depth, improved noise performance and increased dynamic range.

Image Stabilization: The Olympus E-PL7 features advance in camera image stabilization system,

AF System: The Sony A5100 uses HYBRID AF system while you are using viewfinder, the camera switch to contrast based AF system when you are using display screen or when you are recording videos, similarly the . Olympus E-PL7 does the Job, so no Major difference in the AF system.

More AF Points: Sony A5100 Fast Hybrid AF system uses a total of 204 AF points (25 Contrast and 179 Phase) to do AF, so we have no doubt that Sony A5100 will do more quick and precise AF than Olympus E-PL7.

Better low light performance – The Sony A5100 have more ISO range compared to Olympus E-PL7, The Standard ISO range of Sony A5100 is 100-51200, on the other hand Olympus E-PL7 standard ISO range is 100-25600.

Better Shutter Range: Olympus E-PL7 features better shutter range of 60 sec – 1/4000 in order to clearly record and freeze even the fastest movements into an ultra-sharp imageFast shutter range will help you to capture amazing action shots; on the other hand Sony A5100 shutter range is limited to 30 sec 1/4000 only.

Top Continuous shooting speed: Olympus E-PL7 PEN features fast shooting speed (8fps vs. 6fps) compared to Sony A5100.

Sony A5100 video Mode: Sony A5100 features full HD video recording @ 60fps frame rate.

Olympus E-PL7 PEN Video Mode: Olympus E-PL7 PEN features full HD video recording @ 60fps frame rate.

Display: Olympus E-PL7 PEN features bigger and high resolution display compared to Sony A5100.

Or Olympus E-PL7 PEN features 3.0″ TFT color, Vari-angle, touch screen LCD (1,040,000) (screen dots)  on the other hand Sony A5100 have 3.0″ LCD Rear Touch Screen Tilt display, so we get more flexibility while composing our shot with Olympus E-PL7 PEN.

Viewfinder: Olympus E-PL7 PEN features EVF viewfinder on the other hand Sony A5100 have doesn’t viewfinder,

Battery Life (CIPA): Sony A5100 battery rating is 400 shots and other hand Olympus E-PL7battery rating is 360 shots. According to CIPA.

Dimensions: Sony A5100 is smaller than Olympus E-PL7 PEN.

Weight: Sony A5100 light-weight than Olympus E-PL7 PEN.

High ISO Test Between Sony A5100 vs. Olympus E-PL7 

Sony A5100 vs. Olympus E-PL7 5

Verdict: Sony A5100 gives you better core specification that includes bigger sensor, PDAF based AF system and very good NFC and WiFi connectivity options… but having less lenses compared to M4/3 format is a sure back-foot for Sony…however based on pure specification comparison review we recommend you to buy Sony A5100.

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