Sony A7S II Coming Soon, Our Expectation and Thoughts

Sony A7S II coming soonWe have already seen the latest interview of Sony mangers (via), from the interview it is clear that they are working on the next generation of Sony A7S II camera, we are writing a  list of expectation that we have from upcoming A7S II camera…. take a look

We have expectation that it will come with the improvement over few sections compared to its predecessor Sony Alpha 7S then it will definitely gain better response from the users.

Resolution – We expect that it will come with larger resolution (possibly 20MP) comparative to its predecessor‘s so that it can deliver high quality images with superior clarity and sharpness.

The AF system should be upgraded with Fast Hybrid AF system similar to AF System of Sony A7R II which uses 399 phase-detect points and 25 contrast-detect points for a speedy Fast Hybrid AF system which will offer accurate tracking with its higher AF points including 45% coverage along with 25 contrast-detect AF points for the improvement in the speed, accuracy and tracking performance of the system.

It is expected that the ISO sensitivity should be at least double  or triple than its predecessor which is equivalent to 819200 or 1638400 , so that it allows to shoot clearly at very dull lightning conditions and can produce very sharp images of the fastest moving objects.

Introduction of 5-axis IS in A7S Series – Sony Alpha 7S II should come with Five-axis SteadyShot INSIDE image stabilization similar to Sony A7R II for vertical, horizontal, pitch, yaw, and roll movements. This helps the users to use any lens including adapted lenses for critical imaging without facing any blur due to camera shake. This system will compensate for approximately 4.5 stops of shutter speed for working with a huge variety of subjects.

We expect it should offer internal UHD 4K video recording at 30 or 24 fps, the Sony A7S was limited to external 4K recording only.

Hence these are the required expectation from the upcoming Sony A7S II.

Add your required set of expected specification in the comment box.


Updated on Sep 16 2015

The Sony A7S II has been announced and it does feature some specification as we have expected, but the camera carry the same sensor and it was not according to our expectation.

Why Sony used the old sensor when they have Fullframe BSI sensor available in

Continue with us for more information.


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3 comments to Sony A7S II Coming Soon, Our Expectation and Thoughts

  • HD Slowmo would be great and 50/60-fps in 4K (cropped….no pixel binning) would also be welcome.

  • Timothy Barksdale

    With the Sony FS700 doing amazing slow-motion @240fps and at a price tag well above the a7S – i doubt very much, that we will see any substantial high speed frame rate on a new version of this camera. Especially since no competitor is able to do this either. I also doubt that the very best internal stabilization comes to the a7S- but one can hope. I would be perfectly happy to see internal 4k, advanced autofocus, increased sensitivity, and adding another 8 Mpx would be outta control amazing. Getting the Buttons in better places and I’m a very happy camper !

  • I expect at least 20 MP, maybe 24MP with some sort of pixel binding compensation in full frame, and none in cropped frame. At least 30th sec max in full ( Global shutter?) and maybe up to 120 in cropped ( depending on CPU). Internal 4K is a must ! At least 4-2-0 internally. LARGER HDMI CABLE port! Image
    stabilization, silent shutter and at least 500,000 ISO with no artifacts up to 160,000 would be fantastic.
    Plus, get rid of that awful raw codec in stills!!!!!P.S.–get a firmware update that fixes this in the a7rII as well!!!! Basically everything the a7rII has but refined and improved on. Similar to the comparison of the a7II and the a7rII. The a7rII had many better features that the a7II. I expect the same sort of leap on the a7sII verses the a7rII, a generational improvement.

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